Major Improvement in Maths — From 43% to 70%

Eskay enrolled at Edublox due to his low level of concentration and challenges with logical thinking. He struggled a lot with his maths in Grade 5, and in the 1st term of Grade 6, constantly failed or got very low marks for this major subject. His school, Mitchell House, recommended that I enrol him at Edublox Polokwane.

Since Eskay started at Edublox, I no longer hear him asking me to help him with his maths homework or studies anymore. Even when I demand to assist him, the answer is always: “I’m sorted, mum”. All his latest maths tests, exams and report results are proof of his major improvement in maths since joining Edublox in the 2nd term of 2018. He is now very enthusiastic about maths, which he initially did not like at all.

Mrs Nthabiseng Ramaahlama

Eskay’s report card – maths improved from 43% to 70%!


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Nthabiseng Ramaahlama Eskay's Mom

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