Marcel Now Loves to Read

Just before Marcel turned 5 we took him to Occupational Therapy and Psychology where he was tested, and it was found that he had ADHD. Marcel went to GrR.  He was so excited about going to a big school (mainstream school. Due to the ADHD and trying to assist Marcel to get on par I sat every day and did exercises with him. Writing and colouring were the worst.

Marcel is a bubbly child that likes to talk and likes to ask questions and figure out things.  In Gr1 Marcel performed well, he loved school and his teacher.  I requested the teacher that he sits in front of the class to prevent him from getting distracted with what the other kids were doing. However, homework that is supposed to take 30 minutes would take him 50-60 minutes with assistance and a lot of frustration. I started noticing that he can write and count and read, but his reading was a bit slow.  He would not reach the time with the number of words per minute required.  However, Marcel still passed Gr1.

During Gr2 he had an older who understood the situation and gave him extra support.  But then the Lockdown came…. Schoolwork went online.  What a disaster!  Marcel disliked doing schoolwork online.  He missed the one-on-one contact with the teacher.  Every day we tried to read to improve his reading.  He was complaining and schoolwork became a huge struggle.  At the end of Grade 2, he had to start writing cursive writing.  It took him longer, but he managed to do it.  Every day I would sit and make him write the letters, as practice would make it better, but it went along with lots of frustration and tears.

In August 2020 I was driving and saw a sign that said Edublox. I had no idea what it was. I googled it and read up about it. I immediately decided I am going to try this for Marcel. It is worth a try.

Marcel is currently in Gr3. His reading, writing and maths ability has improved so much. The feedback from the teachers at school is very positive. Last year during the 3rd term at school Marcel was nominated by the school to attend an unprepared reading competition. What a privilege for him, from not being able to make the time in Gr1 with his reading, to going to an unprepared reading competition and achieving a golden award.

Marcel’s homework and classwork have improved. It is less of a frustration for him to do homework as his ability to comprehend and execute has improved.  Marcel’s confidence has also improved. He even does his homework on his own.  I only check the work to ensure it is all done.  Edublox has boosted Marcel’s schoolwork, confidence, and emotions. Marcel is encouraged to read, write, and do maths. He loves school and enjoys reading now.

Edublox has helped Marcel a lot. I would definitely recommend Edublox! To invest in your child now is to invest in his/her future!

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Bronwyn Venter Mother

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