Marks Significantly Improved, Interest in Schoolwork Has Been Invigorated

Ulwazi had a short concentration span and could not focus on his work at school. He had problems with comprehension and specifically had problems with Maths and English (reading and constructing sentences).

Ulwazi starts Edublox 

His marks have significantly improved and his interest in schoolwork has also been invigorated. He started with Edublox in 2018 after he had failed grade 1 and was condoned to grade 2. We started seeing improvements within the 1st quarter, and he passed all his subjects including Maths, moving from scores of 2’s and 3’s to 5’s and 6’s. He maintained his scores throughout the year and did very well at the end of the year. He’s also doing very well in his grade 3. His reading speed and comprehension have improved. His mathematical skills have also improved — even I am surprised by how far he has come.

Not done yet

Ulwazi still confuses words with the letters ‘b’ and ‘d’. With Maths, he needs more time to understand than an average child at school. But once he grasps the principle, he excels. Concentration is still a bit of challenge.

Sibongile Mhlophe

Ulwazi’s Grade 1 report:

Ulwazi starts Edublox. Below is his Grade 2 report:

Ulwazi’s Grade 3, 3rd term report:

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Sibongile Mhlophe Ulwazi's mother

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