Maths Marks Jumped from 1/7 to 3/7, All Other Subjects from 3/7 to 5/7

From: David Malelo
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 10:11
To: Suegnet Oberholster
Subject: Testimony


I thank the Lord Almighty for directing me to Edublox when all hope was fading. It’s a very exciting moment at this point.

I enrolled my daughter during the last week of July 2019. My daughter is in grade 4 and was struggling with mathematics and reading. She had very low self confidence and didn’t believe much in herself. And when she started her classes her mathematics score for both terms 1 and 2 was 1, so it means she was achieving between 0-29%.

To my surprise I collected her progress report yesterday, 2019/10/09. Her mathematics mark has jumped to the rating of 3, and all her other subjects from 3 to 5.

All thanks to God and Edublox.

She now enjoys reading and believes so much in herself.


From a very happy mummy

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