Naledi Has Rediscovered His Curiosity

Naledi struggled with English grammar, spelling, writing and his fine motor skills were not at par with his age. I believe this was due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown limiting his practice time. In 2020 he only attended the first term of school and was kept until October. During that time, he was mostly kept indoors as a safety precaution. In June we relocated from one town to the other, which meant changing schools in the middle of the pandemic and having very little time to adjust and fit into the new school. This created confusion in his life and disrupted his academic progress, as a result, slowing down his progress.

We discovered Edublox online as we were searching for good schools to help him catch up with what he had missed while at home. We loved the positive inspiring testimonials from parents who enrolled their children and took Naledi for an assessment. We discovered they offered exactly what we were looking for and decided to enrol him.

Today Naledi is a very happy, kind playful child, full of energy and very curious. We noticed his fine motor skills have improved and he can read now. He is able to skip rope and uses some hand techniques which he learned at school to differentiate between alphabets especially “b” and “d”.

We believe Edublox has experienced qualified teachers who take time to understand the child so that they figure out how best to help them excel and nurture their full potential.  Not many teachers/schools take the time to learn their student’s strengths and weaknesses and put in the time to work and develop those weaknesses into strengths.

At Edublox the teachers find the best solutions to get their students up to speed and improve academically. They help them find confidence in themselves and what they do, the kids want to do better and are encouraged to be their very best version of themselves. Personally, I would recommend Edublox to all parents whose children are struggling and need assistance in any area of development.  The programme works and the teachers are helpful and absolutely amazing.

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Lerato Notrem Naledi's Mother

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