Now Getting 100% for Her Spelling Tests Nearly Every Week

Gabriella’s mom, Michelle Chilcott, wrote:

Gabriella enrolled for a few reasons: Her spelling was average for her age but behind for her grade. The second reason is that she was writing the letters z, p, and especially her d’s and b’s backwards. This was a huge concern for us, as we thought it might be dyslexia. We noticed she did the letter switching especially when she was tired. Third reason is, we felt that emotionally she was lacking in confidence and would get tearful when a task seemed too difficult.

We immediately noticed an improvement in her thinking skills. When she wrote the letters the wrong way around, she would stop, think, rub it out and try again without tears. With the help of Edublox Gabriella no longer switches her letters around, even when she is tired! We have also noticed a huge improvement in her emotional behaviour over the year. She is much more confident and cries less when she feels she cannot do a task. Her memory has improved greatly and she can beat most adults at a memory card game today.

We do not see any more difficulties, however, we would love to continue to enrol her as we would like to see her spelling improve from average for her grade to a high achievement. We have noticed that Gabriella looks forward to her classes and loves the happy, fun learning environment. She is emotionally a completely different child that pushes her own boundaries to achieve. To be honest, we had our doubts when we started Edublox that the results could reflect so quickly and if it would really work, but any doubts were quickly put to rest when we saw the results in her school work and reports. Edublox builds a strong foundation, and we would recommend that all children attend, even if they have no difficulties. Thank you Edublox for your hard work and help. Evette does an amazing job with Gabriella.

Kirsten Jardine, Gabriella’s teacher, wrote:

As Gabriella’s teacher, I have seen a very big improvement since she started at Edublox. She struggled with spelling, swapped her letters around and was emotional insecure. Her spelling has improved greatly; and she no longer swaps around letters. I believe this improvement has come from the brain training that Edublox provides their students. Gabriella has also gained a lot more confidence when it comes to more difficult work. Rather than bursting into tears when she struggles with certain tasks, she has learnt to take the problem head on and try her best to work it out.

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Kirsten Jardine Gabriella’s teacher

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