Now Tackling Work with Confidence

Pfano started her Grade 1 very well at Jabez in 2019. Her performance was not excellent, but good as she passed all her subjects from term 1 to 3. As a parent, I would check regularly with her teacher if there were any points of concern, but all was good. I was therefore relieved and somehow let my guard down. She wrote her final exam in November 2019, and the school was closing on the 27th of November 2019. A week before the school closed, her class teacher called me in to school as she had something to discuss regarding her performance. Upon arrival at school, I was greeted by bad news: my daughter had not done well in term 4 and her grades had gone down to 2 and some to 3. The school therefore saw it fit that she would not progress to to next grade.

I must say, the news really took me by surprise, as I never saw that coming. I refused to have her kept behind, repeating Grade 1 in 2020, as I believed in her abilities — to be able to bridge academic gaps. We agreed as family to cordially request the school not to keep her behind in Grade 1, but move her to Grade 2 as we had action plans to bridge her academic gaps. The school responded well, saying she would be pushed to Grade 2 in 2020 but under the following conditions: she must take extra classes (and the recommendation was that she register with Edublox), and that her academic progress must be monitored (she would be sent back to Grade 1 if she did not improve or fail term 1).

I must say, it was nice that she had been pushed to Grade 2, but the conditions that came with such a move kept me awake all night. I was stressing, panicking, and thinking of how it would kill her spirit if she were to be moved back. The situation affected me work-wise as well, as I was no longer a happy and productive employee. I took a decision to take her to Edublox as recommended, so that she improves on her learning skills and overall cognitive abilities — and the results were wonderful. She started gaining confidence in her work and I was like ‘that is mom’s girl’… I have always known that she has within herself and all she needed was a push to the right direction. Thank you, Edublox!!!

She would brag about how wonderful her sessions were at Edublox and the number of sweets she got from Edublox for doing and completing her work on time. Her work pace at her primary school, Jabez Christian Academy, started picking up. This has led to overall improvement in her self-confidence. She could now tackle any work given with confidence; I have witnessed this during Covid-19 lockdown Level 4 when they were sent work to do at home. She could do most of the work with minimum assistance.

Challenges during the lockdown in 2020

The main challenge faced was lack or absence of contact learning, as it had to be conducted remotely. However, despite these difficulties Pfano showed resilience and adapted to the changes, and generally improved through the period of remote learning. She only had her high school sister to supervise her schoolwork during Level 5 down to Level 3, as I had been working at that time. She had no choice but to take a lead on her schoolwork. She had to learn how to use a computer to login herself on Zoom for her class with Edublox, as even though the sister was there, she was busy with her schoolwork as well. I liked the dedication she showed in owning up her space as far as her education was concerned. I would print classwork and homework sheets at work for her to complete the work daily, and she was doing it with minimum assistance.

I can safely say that the foundation that Edublox laid for my daughter was a good one, as all this good progress I reported above happened after she had joined Edublox. Thank you for believing in her and showing her love and support in the school environment as that goes a long way. Much appreciated!!

Ntombikayise Kubheka

Pfano’s work before Edublox: 

Pfano’s work after joining Edublox: 

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Ntombikayise Kubheka Pfano’s Mother

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