Ontsheletse Has Confidence Again

Ontsheletse, came to Edublox Wierda Park, in the middle of the second school term of 2021. This was after her school discovered she was struggling in most of her school subjects. Her parents consulted with her teachers and principal, and ended up seeing an educational psychologist. The psychologist performed assessments for her cognitive, auditory, concentration, perceptual and listening skills and diagnosed her with a auditory processing disorder.

This means Ontsheletse cannot fully comprehend and retrieve most of the words she learns. But the psychologist assured them that with intense remedial lessons, and speech therapy sessions, her auditory development would improve, and she will perform much better. Ontsheletse’s self-confidence and esteem was severely affected according to her mom Boitumelo Tau.

“Her reading was also suffering, as she couldn’t pronounce some difficult long words. As a result, it was also challenging to read sentences and make sense of them. Her maths was also affected, as she tends to swop numbers, and couldn’t retrieve some long numbers that were more than 6-7 digits. She developed tension headaches, as a result of the frustration of not coping with schoolwork. As parents, we were faced with a huge challenge of how to assist her, as this was now affecting her behavior and personality.”

After reading other testimonials Ontsheletse’s parents enrolled her at Edublox. “The warm welcome of the staff, and assessment feedback we received, made us realise that our daughter will be in good hands and that her challenges will be addressed, and overcome. Feedback from her assessment made us more committed to supporting her and assuring her she will improve.”

In just six months with Edublox,  Ontsheletse regained her confidence. She could work on her own, arrange her schoolwork, plan for her homework, and prepare for her tests. Her logical thinking, perception, listening and comprehension skills have improved. She has also developed a love for reading books, even those that are not academically prescribed. She assists her younger sister who is in Grade 3, with some of her schoolwork. She loves challenges, and she is actively playing chess at school, which assists her with her thinking too. She has also started to understand Afrikaans, which in the past was a challenge for her, but because of the confidence she has now built, she is eager to attempt new words and phrases.

“It is an extraordinary home and program. The professionalism and patience the staff have for the students, accommodating them with their challenges — it’s out of this world! They are also willing to get feedback from parents and find ways of assisting the students, at their own pace, building their confidence.”

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Boitumelo Tau Ontsheletse's mother

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