Passionate About Learning New Things

Wandile has been struggling with comprehending what he has read. Since he could not comprehend what he was reading, it affected his understanding of problem solving in mathematics.

Wandile’s reading has improved with regards to pronunciation, fast learning of new vocabulary including pronunciation. His comprehension has greatly improved and this could be seen clearly in his completion of problem solving exercises.

Wandile has always been passionate about getting his schoolwork done and learning new things. This behaviour has been amplified since joining Edublox, and I think this is due to the amicable, warm, benevolent and caring environment at Edublox. As a parent I have noticed that the teachers, peers and the environment also contribute to the child’s overall performance. When Wandile is in a warm environment he excels and he would even want to do his work at bed-time. Edublox had managed to provide this environment abundantly more than what his day school offers, which I think might have contributed to his performance.

Wandile is currently in Grade 2, however, since attending Edublox he is able to tackle some of the Grade 3 material and other work which have not yet been introduced in his current grade. He gets so excited when he learns something new at his day school, which he has already covered at Edublox. He has a confident approach towards his work due to prior exposure.

I think Wandile still has some difficulties in understanding and applying the principles behind problem solving questions. For example, he needs to be able to differentiate between two different questions but apply the same principles. I am also concerned that he is about to enter Grade 3 but he still solves mathematical problems by drawing pictures. This affects his marks because he is then unable to finish his work.

Ennie Mhaule

Wandile’s report shows improvement from term to term (7 is the highest):

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Ennie Mhaule Wandile's mother

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