Reading and Writing Changed Significantly

Egmont always had a love for books. From a very young age, he would choose books over toys, always paging through them for hours on end. He was so excited to finally go to Grade 1 so that he could start reading.

Things started off well, but after the second term in Grade 1, we noticed that his marks dropped drastically. This was of course a concern to us and we could see that Egmont also became frustrated because he was battling with a few things. We had him tested and it turned out that his brain ‘reboots’ itself every couple of minutes and then he would not know where he stopped reading, writing or listening before it happened. We decided to not follow the chemical meds route (although we don’t have a problem with it all!). A healthier diet, some natural meds to sleep deeper and Edublox! We’ve known about Edublox for a long time so it wasn’t even debatable that we would send him.

The improvement was almost instant. His reading and writing changed significantly and he gained more and more confidence as the weeks passed. His concentration also definitely improved and he showed more and more interest in reading, writing and even colouring! Whilst in Grade R and 1, he always coloured in one colour — red. But since we started with Edublox that changed. He now colours properly although he still doesn’t like it!

As with a lot of kids, he’s not always too fond of school but he is so diligent and hard working. He will always make sure that his homework is done first before doing anything else, and he will read two extra books every evening.

Fast forward to Grade 2. What an amazing year it has been. Egmont excelled this year. His writing is something out of this world and his reading is so different from a year ago. I could see that he started setting goals for himself each time he went to Edublox and the pride and satisfaction when he reached his goals were priceless!

I can write books on how Edublox has changed so many things, but most importantly I don’t see a frustrated child anymore. I see a boy with so much compassion and love for others and a boy who can finally see that he is damn good with what he does, a boy who can be extremely proud of himself!

As a wise man once said, there’s always room for improvement. Egmont’s concentration can sometimes still go through a dip, but I know with the rights skills teaching he will overcome this too.

Corlea Sass

Egmont’s Grade 1 report (before Edublox) – a 3/7 for reading:

Egmont’s Grade 2 report (after starting Edublox) – a 6/7 for reading:

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Corlea Sass Egmont's mother

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