Reagile Becomes an A+ Student

When Reagile started he had concentration problems, hearing problems and speech problems. Teachers at his school thought he had ADHD. He couldn’t speak most of his nursery school years and when he did speak, he struggled to get words out of his mouth.

His stuttering was bad, concentration was a huge problem and was unable to finish any class task or assignment. I was scared that he would not be ready for grade 1. This is when he started with Edublox one on one classes. During this time schools were closed and Reagile had no access to learning except Edublox online and English lessons once a week for a whole year.

When Reagile started grade 1 in 2021 he went through a few traumatic experiences, one of them was finding out that he had lost his vision in one of his eyes. This then affected his self-esteem and confidence in his class. Having to wear a patch on one eye and glasses resulted in him becoming a victim of bullying. This made him afraid of interacting in the classroom.

When school assessments started his teachers were shocked by what he knew. He was too advanced for his grade. Reagile is an A+ grade one student thanks to Edublox, the dedication and the love of working with kids like him. His speech got better from reading, his concentration and memory from his online tutor, as well as his spelling, writing and completing tasks from his English class with his tutor.

I’m so grateful and feel blessed to have him with Edublox and would recommend it to any parents who feel or have been advised that their child is unable. It does not only take the skill but the heart to connect with our children to be better and to help them excel when no one else can.

Reagile’s latest report card


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Nthabiseng Padi Reagile's Mother

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