Edublox Research Study: IQ Increase After 40 Hours of One-on-one Instruction

IQ TestThe IQs of ten youngsters with severe learning difficulties were tested on the South African Intelligence Scale before starting with Audiblox, and again after receiving 40 hours of one-on-one instruction. Their ages were between 7 and 18.

While 40 hours of Audiblox instruction is not enough to overcome a learning difficulty, it is usually enough to start seeing results on standardized tests. The increases in verbal, non-verbal and full scale IQ are highly significant according to the two-tailed t-test.

  Before After
Verbal IQ Subtests
Vocabulary 7.6 7.9
Comprehension 10.0 10.8
Verbal Reasoning 9.1 10.0
Problems 6.3 6.8
Memory 8.5 10.5
Mean Verbal IQ 85.4 91.0  Significant at the 0.001 level
Non-Verbal IQ Subtests
Pattern Completion 8.4 8.7
Block Design 8.2 10.3
Absurdities 9.4 9.6
Form Board 11.1 15.3
Mean Non-Verbal IQ 92.6 105.1  Significant at the 0.001 level
MEAN FULL SCALE IQ 87.0 97.1  Significant at the 0.001 level
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