Review by Prof. E. J. van Niekerk, University of South Africa

UNISAAudiblox opens up new vistas for all those with learning and reading problems. It is based on scientific learning and reading principles that have been researched over a period of years by Dr. Jan Strydom. This explains why Audiblox is being employed so successfully in solving learning and reading problems.

It provides answers to many of the riddles that have been plaguing experts on the subject of learning and reading problems. Scientists from many fields of enquiry would do well to take note of Dr. Strydom’s work and should put Audiblox to the test, so that they may also discover its effectiveness. Educationists, educational authorities, and teachers especially should take the new prospects made available by Audiblox very seriously. It offers many possibilities of application in education, because it improves reading and spelling ability, sharpens concentration, develops perception and memory, and enhances logical thinking. It can put innumerable pupils, at present experiencing failure at school, on the road to successful learning.

For the first time there is real hope in the battle against learning and reading problems, not only inside the classroom, but also outside. Dr. Strydom must be congratulated on a revolutionary, brilliant, but at the same time simple and easily applicable program.

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Prof. E. J. van Niekerk UNISA

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