School Principal Amazed by Progress

Back to schoolResearch has proved that the brains of most people remain underdeveloped because they are not used and developed properly.

In the case of the child, initially the rate of development of the brain is high, but in time a gradual decline in the rate of development occurs. This happens for several reasons.

In practice it has been shown that children need that extra essential development as soon as formal teaching is commenced. In our school, Audiblox was the solution. Where else does one encounter a form of instruction in which the brain of the individual or group of individuals is forced to concentrate to the full extent; in which each individual competes only with himself, thereby immediately eliminating the fear of failure?

Audiblox has given this to us!!

During class visits I was amazed to see the progress of children of 6, 7 and 8 years old after only a month on the Audiblox program. The self-discipline of the children has improved astoundingly. Their enthusiasm for further practise knows no bounds and their self-confidence has improved considerably.

To me, the most important further aspect that needs to be highlighted is the fact that Audiblox enhances the holistic development of the child. From very early in life they are turned into realistic thinkers with a broader vision of what the learning process is all about.

As a result of the positive contribution of Audiblox to the development of the child on a wide front, we decided to introduce the program for all pupils from Grade One up to high school level — and that after we had initially introduced it only as a remedial program for our pupils with learning problems!

A problem experienced throughout our communities is that parents have not been trained to stimulate their children to a maximum level. With Audiblox at home or in the school, this problem is solved.

Hereby we wish to extend our thanks and felicitations to Dr. Jan Strydom for this excellent program.

Mr. R. J. Stevens

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Mr. R. J. Stevens Principal

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