Self-confidence Growing Year After Year

Sanri joined Edublox in 2018, when she was in Grade 4. From the start, it was clear that she struggled with concentration and learning, and lacked enthusiasm to do schoolwork. I realised that something needed to be done urgently, to build a foundation for the rest of her school years. Her school results definitely did not reflect her abilities and potential.


The table below shows the improvement in Sanri’s cognitive skills.

This improvement can be linked directly to Sanri’s school performance. She started Grade 4, term 1, with an average of 66%. After a year of Edublox exposure, she ended with 72%. In Grade 5 her average was 75%. She completed Grade 6, term 3, with an average of 82%.

Edublox during Covid

In 2020, during the first term of school, Sanri did not attend all her weekly lessons, due to extramural activities. We could see the lapses in academic performance, and the direct impact Edublox had on her school performance.

Thank you to Edublox, for online registration so that the cognitive exercises could continue online, and for Marina being a dedicated tutor and continuing with weekly sessions via Zoom. Sanri excelled academically through the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Sanri’s biggest challenge during this time was that both her parents were working full time. She had to do schoolwork independently, without the direct support from her parents. We only checked after hours if she had done her homework, and to explain if something was unclear. Covid taught her to be responsible and to take ownership. She was able to come out academically stronger, due to the cognitive training provided by Edublox over the last few years.

Her self-confidence is growing year after year. Her participation in the classroom has increased. She is not afraid to take on a leadership role, and she is also participating in public speaking exercises. After her last school results, her self-confidence has grown even more. She never believed that she could also be a high academic achiever, but she is now setting high goals for herself.

Sanet Rossouw

Sanri’s Grade 4 report (66% for term 1) :

Sanri’s Grade 5 report (75%):

Sanri’s Grade 6 report (82%):

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Sanet Rossouw Sanri's Mother

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