She Has Grown a Lot

Kiara struggled with Afrikaans as her home language and English as her second language. She could read well, but struggled to understand what she was reading. She had problems remembering what she had learned.

We decided to send her for extra English classes to see if we can’t improve her English. She did well in the English classes but her school marks stayed the same. We knew we had to change our approach, because something was missing and we couldn’t understand what.

After an evaluation session at Edublox it was determined that Kiara could not understand what she was reading although she could read well. It also came to light that something was wrong with her vision. After a visit to the optometrist she got a pair of spectacles that opened a whole new world to her and gave her more confidence.

Kiara started with two Edublox sessions per week in March 2019. She has grown quite a lot this year. She learned many new words and their meanings. Her memory is much better than it was last year. She can read stories and explain to us what she had read, which is a big bonus. Tests and exams were a nightmare before. We won’t say it is smooth sailing yet, but it has improved so much. It is a process with small steps but each step is in the right direction, which in the long run is what Edublox is all about.

Kiara loves the sessions. It has never been a burden for her to go. She loves the memory tests as well as learning new words. She feels comfortable in the sessions because the groups are small, keeping it personal.

We as parents can see a difference even in the way she answers questions in her tests – they are more complete.

On her report card she usually had very high and low percentages for her subjects but at the end of the 3rd term her percentages were more equal. We are excited to see her report card for the 4th term — we think it’s going to be the best one yet.

Next year will be much easier due to what she has learned this year. We have and always will in the future recommend Edublox to everyone we know, because we can see the difference it has made — not only in her schoolwork but to her as a person.

Thank you Edublox.


Barney and Lezel van Breda


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Barney and Lezel van Breda Kiara's parents

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