Shining, Confident and Reaching His Full Potential

I first enrolled Dantè into Edublox Walmer, PE, around mid-May 2018 for Gr 1.

I got in contact with the Anouska Combrink at Edublox Walmer after I had to take my son out of another homeschooling academy in Newton Park. He was being bullied by children double his age and size and started to display signs of depression.

Anouska was very helpful and accommodating right off the bat. She came to our rescue and helped get Dantè into school.

When he started out at Edublox, Dante could not read or write on the level he should have been on. He also lacked many other important and basic grade 1 skills. As a result, he unfortunately had to repeat grade one this year for 2019. I trusted the judgment of Anouska and the other teachers at Edublox and I am so glad I did.

He has since flourished! He is doing exceptionally well and only struggles a little with Afrikaans, it not being his home language. He also still sometimes confuses his b’s and d’s. Aside from that, to say that he is doing very well would be an understatement. He is shining, confident and reaching his full potential now that he is in an environment that he finds encouraging and challenging in a safe and positive way.

I fully believe that had he been in a mainstream school, he would not have been doing as well as he currently is, and we will always be grateful to Anouska, the teachers and Edublox.


Patricia Jones

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Patricia Jones Dante's mother

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