190 Short Testimonials, English and Afrikaans (Part 3)

Phuti Maremane, 18 November 2019:

Keorapetse failed grade 1. He had a concentration problem and couldn’t read and write, so we enrolled him at Edublox.

I’ve see a huge improvement in terms of concentration and he can follow instructions when you speak to him. He can read and write without anyone’s assistance.

He still struggling just a little bit in terms of spelling, especially on long sentences.

Keorapetse failed Grade 1 (before Edublox):

A much better report! (after Edublox):

Ngwanasha Sophia Mosehla, Polokwane, 18 November 2019:

Faith enrolled at Edublox because she had challenges in reading, spelling, sentence construction and Maths, which emanated from lack of support during her basic foundation phase. Her self-esteem was also affected negatively in the process. She was 8 years old and in Grade 2, and it was important that she go through the remedial classes to correct the condition.

Her reading, spelling and construction of sentences have immensely improved, and she now enjoys to write stories. She enjoys reading and every month I take her to the library, and even before the return due date she will be done reading all the books. Furthermore, she is able to narrate the story. She has gained confident to read aloud to all of us at home, and she is also able to pronounce words correctly. She is always looking forward to do activities at school including homework.

Lesimole Jacobinah Uwabunkeonye, 17 November 2019:

Amalachi was enrolled at Edublox due to the following reasons:

  • Her concentration was significantly poor.
  • Her visual perception and visual motor integration were deficient.
  • She struggled with basic concepts and pre-requisite skills for learning, i.e. reading, spelling and mathematics.

As a parent, I have noticed an enormous improvement, if not complete turnaround:

  • She is currently able to read independently and she enjoys reading books.
  • Her abilities for mathematics still surprise me even now, because she does everything independently and most importantly accurately and with rich understanding.
  • Her self-confidence is now at its maximum level, as she has also realized her full capacity.

Mantoa and Jacob Lekalakala, Polokwane, 15 November 2019:

Kgaugelo has been doing well in his early primary stages, but when he reached grade 3 in 2016 he started struggling with English. He was referred to an occupational therapist and attended occupational therapy sessions for the rest of the year, but nothing changed. His eyesight was a challenge too.

He was then referred to an educational therapist during the year 2017, who mentioned that he is a smart boy who just needs to be given more attention and that formal schools usually lack in achieving that. As concerned parents we took him together with his younger brother to a home schooling centre for the year 2018, hoping to see change so that we could take them back to the same mainstream school. When they went for admission assessments, the boys were put on a waiting list. When we made an enquiry, wanting to know the reason the boys were not accepted, the school referred us to Edublox as the assessor was not entirely satisfied with their progress.

Since joining Edublox Kgaugelo has gained confidence. He has improved drastically with mathematics and is doing very well in English. His reading and handwriting has improved very much. We are very proud.

Erina Becker, Polokwane, 11 November 2019:

Celma presteer goed op skool maar ons het gevoel dat haar lees-vloeiendheid opgeskerp kan voordat sy in Graad 4 met formele eksamens begin.

Sedert Celma met Edublox begin het (1.) is b en d omruilings baie minder, (2.) lees sy met meer selfvertroue, (3.) erken sy sekere woorde vinniger en (4.) doen sy huiswerk baie selfstandig en onafhanklik.

Evelyn Thwala, West Rand, 8 November:

Zethu started attending Edublox’s hour and a half Saturday classes in January this year (2019). He was also enrolled for the Edublox Online Tutor Programme, in addition to the classes attended.

Feedback from Edublox has indicated improvement with regards to reading development and recognition of words per minute. Cognitive skills and specifically visual memory has developed very well. There is still improvement required with regards to auditory memory.

Thus far the improvement is noticeable and is applauded as its benefits for the learner go beyond an Edublox class but can be traced in the learner’s academic results. He has shown remarkable improvement in his school work. This is evident when observing his term reports over this period of time.

Danel kry ‘n silwer sertifikaat vir akademiese prestasie.

Nelmari Smuts, Wesrand, 8 November 2019:

Ek wil net baie dankie se vir die hulp met Danel.

Die begin van die jaar het ons gedink sy gaan nie Graad 4 deurkom nie, Haar leeswerk was van so aard dat ek glad nie gedink het sy gaan slaag nie. Ek het hulp begin soek en Edublox op die internet gekry. Monique het dadelik aangebied om Danel te begin help.

Ek kan met trots sê dat Danel van Februarie 2019 tot en met nou baie goeie vordering toon. Sy het by die prysuitdeeling ‘n silwer sertifikaat ontvang vir haar 70-79% gemiddeld. Ek glo en vertrou dat met die Here se hulp en Edublox gaan Danel nog verder vordering maak.

Ons as gesin is so trots op haar.

Boitumelo Manthata, Polokwane, 7 November 2019:

Thoriso joined Edublox after his poor performance with his term two studies. He has improved in 3 subjects since joining Edublox. He can now read and differentiate between different sounds and his word construction has improved. He is more self-confident and can attempt to tackle activities on his own. His mathematics has also improved as he can now, count, subtract and add without any help.

From failing English with 27% to passing with 51%:

Malesela Letsoalo’s sibling, Randburg, 6 November 2019:

Before my brother enrolled at Edublox, he was struggling to read and spell. He was obtaining a 42% average. He didn’t like doing his school work; he also didn’t like going to school. He lacked energy and confidence to read and write.

After enrolling at Edublox, Malesela started having more energy regarding his schoolwork. He looked forward to the Edublox lessons. His marks started improving in a big way. This year alone he was always in the top three achievers in his class. He was also awarded a spelling certificate.

His average moved from 42% to 77%. This term alone his lowest mark in tests were eight out of ten and his highest ten out of ten. The positive drive he has towards reading and writing is truly amazing. Thank you Edublox.

Bonita Delport, 27 October 2019:

Tyra had trouble keeping up with her peers and with no support from her teacher she lost a lot of confidence. She would say on a daily basis while busy with homework that she is stupid and that’s why she couldn’t do her work properly. We used to fight every day because she was just uninterested. She cried for weeks because she didn’t want to go back to school. Her reading and spelling were not on par.

Tyra has gone from insecure to a very confident young lady. She doesn’t call herself stupid anymore and has more positive things to say about herself. She completes her homework confidently by herself. Her reading and math have improved dramatically.

Esna Jordaan, Potchefstroom, 23 Oktober 2019:

Beide my kinders is toppresteerders en dit is alles te danke aan Marina by Edublox Potchefstroom. My seun se gemiddeld het met 15% verbeter sedert hy Edublox bygewoon het. Ek raai alle ouers aan, self al is hul kinders in gr. R, om in te skakel by Edublox. Hulle sal nooit spyt wees nie.

Debbie Ludick, Kleinmond, 22 Oktober 2019:

Hiermee wil ek net baie dankie sê aan Henriette en haar fantastiese span en dat julle my twee seuns so help vorder. Ek was baie verbaas om so vinnig ʼn verskil in hulle skoolrapporte te sien na die eerste kwartaal wat hulle aangesluit het. Van 4 en 5 na 6 en 7’s!

Dit is ook nie net die skool wat vordering sien nie, maar ek sien dit ook by die huis. Hulle konsentrasie met huiswerk is baie beter en ook hulle algemene gedrag tuis. Ek is baie dankbaar vir hierdie programme wat aangebied word en deur sulke wonderlike mense.

Ek sien uit daarna om my jongste volgende jaar ook saam Henriette te plaas in die EASY program. Hou aan met die goeie werk!

Baie tevrede mamma.

Lenandie Marais, 21 October 2019:

Ruben struggled to understand the basic rules of spelling, and this also influenced his reading. His reading was very slow and he had to spell each word and sometimes say the word a few times before continuing. This frustrated him, and we were concerned that this will make him negative towards reading, which is the last thing we wanted.

Within a month we already started to see the difference and it was like he suddenly understood the basic rules. His reading is amazing compared to what it was and he doesn’t mind reading something now, as he know he can do it. This has had such a positive impact on him and really boosted his confidence. He went from a 3 to a 7 in writing.

Sonia Jones, Kleinmond, 15 Oktober 2019:

Beste Henriette

Ek skrywe hierdie briefie aan jou as bedanking vir dit wat jy in Alex en my lewe verander het.  Verlede kwartaal kon ek al die verskil sien aan sy benadering tot skoolwerk t.o.v. konsentrasie, hy snap vinniger die detail, en ook sy gemoed tydens die eksamen is rustig met meer selfvertroue. Ek kom ook agter hy lees met meer aandagtigheid en begrip, en dit maak dat hy beter kan studeer. Die manier wat jy Edublox aanbied is vir hom pret en hy geniet elke oomblik daarvan.

Baie dankie vir jou en jou span, wat ons kinders help om trots te wees op hulle skoolwerk.

Whatsapp aan Edublox Potchefstroom, 2 Oktober 2019:

Marina, graag wil ek julle bedank vir die goeie vordering wat Mica gemaak het in so ʼn kort tydjie. Ek het resultate verwag maar nie so gou nie!! Sy is met haar Afrikaans op van 50% tot 69%, Engels 51% tot 64%, Lewensvaardigheid op van 59% tot 75% en haar gemiddeld is op met ʼn hele 10% van 54 tot 64%!!! Ek sal Edublox definitief vir enige bekommerde ouer aanbeveel! Haar lees het ook BAIE verbeter, sy klank nie meer elke woord nie en lees meer vlot. Lisa Collett

Angie Opperman from Carolina comments on Edublox Online Tutor, 1 October 2019:

I have been doing Edublox Online with my son for three months and we have see huge improvements in his life, and I have encouraged many moms to have a look at your website.

Whatsapp aan Edublox Potchefstroom, 1 Oktober 2019:

Jenny, e-mail to Edublox Kempton Park, 13 September 2019:

I thought I would share that Mikayla got 90% for a Maths test the other day, and that her percentage for Maths for the term is 81% – highest she’s ever gotten!! So thank you to you and your team for helping her reach her potential!! I really appreciate it so much!

Charl, e-mail to Edublox Durbanville, 12 September 2019:

Thank you so much for the work you ladies have done with Luke. Even the school has seen such an improvement that they are happy with him. They have told us the the end of the first term that he will have to stay behind end of the year.

They have since told us that he will pass and have made an complete transformation.

Yes we do have some way to go but what you ladies are doing is working.

We as parents would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the effort.

Thank you so much.

Sunet Coetzer, epos aan Edublox Vereeniging, 4 September 2019:

Ek wil net weereens dankie se vir jou goeie diens. Ek het belowe om vir jou ‘n skrywe te stuur oor ons ervaring met Edublox.

My seun Gideon sukkel al van jongs af met tale. Hy is vroeer hierdie jaar gediagnoseer met ouditiewe disleksie. Sy eerste kwartaal punt was 56% en ons het toe met jul “reading” program begin. Sy tweede kwartaal punt het teruggekom en hy het die eerste keer in sy lewe sulke goeie punte gekry —  71%!!! Ons hou die derde kwartaal se punte dop en sal jou laat weet hoe dit gaan.

Dankie weereens vir julle toewyding en ‘n uitstekende produk.

Whatsapp to Edublox Tzaneen, 14 August 2019:

Whatsapp to Edublox Tzaneen, 7 August 2019:

Nicole, email, 29 July 2019:

Hi Monique,

Thank you for the amazing lessons that you and Tracy have given Aidan!

Aidan has advanced quicker than I thought possible in both his understanding of the school work and his retention of the work. The memory exercises that Aidan does in the classes has helped him come up with techniques to help him in other situations. His reading has improved tremendously with the reading and reciting exercises that he has done with you. The approach that you take towards the children builds their confidence and is gentle but firm. We really appreciate the focus and dedication that you and Tracy have given Aidan this year!

Rouxlene von Schlichting, 24 Julie 2019:

Hi Mareli

Ek wil net baie dankie sê vir al jou toegewydheid aan die kinders. Ek kan ‘n groot verskil in my seuntjie se leesvermoë en leesspoed sien. Hy woon elke lessie getrou by en hyself kan sien dat sy harde werk vrugte afgee. Ek is so trots op die vordering wat hy gemaak het, in die paar maande wat hy by jou is.


Trotse mamma

Rouxlene von Schlichting

Rouxben se pragtige rapport:

Whatsapp to Edublox Pretoria East, 18 July 2019:

Sheralee Ryan in Namibia comments on Edublox Online Tutor, 8 July 2019:

Stephane Burger, 31 Mei 2019:

Ek stuur die bietjie meer as 4 minute video, waar Mikayla besig is om sinne te skryf met haar nuwe woordeskat wat sy baasgeraak het die afgelope paar weke. Voorheen was die hele gedagte van ‘n sin maak met ‘n gegewe woord ‘n vreesaanjaende konsep vir haar! Nie eers gepraat van fonologiese bewustheid en klanke nie! Nou kan sy haarself korigeer en probeer ook self die woorde klank en bou. Sy skryf met baie meer selfvertroue!

Abrie Burger, email, 15 May 2019:

I have two kids in class at Edublox Vereeniging and the progress is amazing. My kids can read, count, do maths — which my son had trouble with. My son (10 now) went from being the worst in grade 2 to the best maths pupil in his class, and all his marks for the other subjects have been growing steadily.

My daughter (now 7) could not read, but within two weeks at Edublox she could spell the words, and within a month she could read sentences. Now she reads beautifully. Her school marks in the other subjects also picked up.

My kids had hearing loss since birth and only later got grommets in their ears to rectify their hearing. Their speech was way behind all their classmates as a result of this. Now all is well with brother and sister regarding speech and reading.

There is one more to come — my youngest is now 4 years old and she will also join Marietha and team when she is of age as she has the same symptoms as her siblings.

We are very happy with the growth of our children through Edublox’s hard work and caring. Thank You!

Athi Madolo, email to Edublox West Rand, 18 April 2019:

Please find attached Luphiwe’s report. I was pleasantly surprised and so proud of his performance in the first term, particularly in Maths. The comments from the teacher were also very encouraging, not anything like what I had gotten used to over the past years. It’s like he’s a different child.

Esna Jordaan, Facebook, 9 April 2019:

Farhana Ismail, email, 16 March 2019:

Hi Monique

Hope you are doing well.

I wanted to thank you for having Nabeel in your Edublox program. I am so happy with his results. His language marks have improved by more than 10%. He’s also more confident this year with regards to his work and is working on his own a lot more. He got an A in maths which is a huge achievement.

I had a meeting with the principal last week and she couldn’t understand my concern because he is doing better than a lot of other kids in his class.

I’m ecstatic and so proud of Nabeel.

Thank you


Chantal Rautenbach, email, 3 March 2019:

Dear Monique,

I just would like to thank you and your team for making our learning processes easier and with excellent results. Edublox had an awesome outcome for Theo and the results were noted within 3 months. I would recommend this program to any parent, even if their child is not struggling. Excellent program to help your child excel and the principles are there for life.

Wishing you all the best and on making a difference to lots of learners out there.



Charlene Human, Potchefstroom, 22 Februarie 2019:

Edublox, met Marina aan die stuur, het vir ons twee seuns ongelooflik baie beteken. Albei se leesbegrip en leesspoed het dramaties verbeter, terwyl vaardighede soos memorisering en die herroep van inligting baie waardevol was. Marina het Erik ook blitsig gehelp met links en regs en om nie meer ‘b’ en ‘d’ om te ruil nie. Hulle pluk steeds die vrugte.

Mariaan van Dyk, Potchefstroom, 26 Februarie 2019:

Marietjie van Jaarsveld, 13 November 2018:

Charl se gemiddeld het verbeter van 48% in Termyn 2 tot 65% in Termyn 3:

Heleen Basson, Flamwood, Klerksdorp, 12 November 2018: 

I enrolled Henning because he struggled in school. His grades got worse and worse and I had no idea what to do. He actually failed the first two terms op 2018. He was losing confidence in himself and his abilities.  

I googled and Edublox popped up. At that stage I was living in Kakamas. As there was no Edublox centre or clinic near us I drove 750 km to have him tested in Potchefstroom.  

During the July holidays I moved to Klerksdorp and had him do a holiday course for 5 days.

He then started to attend two Edublox classes per week. 

At the end of the third term his average went from 46% to 57 %.

The greatest gift of all was the smile on his face when he got his report card. He was so proud. He gained a lot of confidence.

His reading and comprehension have improved dramatically. He is now also enjoying Maths because he understands it better. 

Adelle Matthee, 9 November 2018:

I enrolled Celeste at Edublox to assist her with her reading. I noticed that she read and wrote backwards. She was easily distracted. Towards the end of grade 2, I was so worried that she might not make it to grade 3. In the 4th term of grade 2 I took her for an eye test which she passed, and I took her for a hearing test. Her hearing was weak in one ear due to ear infections she had as a baby and toddler. When she did pass grade 2 I knew I needed to help her.

Celeste does two Edublox lessons a week, in Afrikaans and English. Celeste settled into the lessons with so much ease. She loves all the teachers. Through all the positive assertiveness she has received from Edublox, I have noticed a steady improvement in her marks. I am so proud of my daughter and so thankful to Edublox for all their hard work and effort they have put into her!

Celeste still gets confused with her “b” and “d” and “p” and “q” She also still gets distracted but she has improved drastically from the start of year till now!

Celeste’s much improved report (from 5/7 to 7/7 for English and 3/7 to 6/7 for Afrikaans FAL!):

Peter Mugisha, 2 November 2018:

When Phillip joined Edublox in March 2018, he seemed to lack confidence when performing his homework – specifically reading. Over the last 7 months, Phillip has benefitted greatly from the Edublox programme and below are some of the milestones we treasure:

  • Feedback from his class teacher stating that he is now able to complete his work on time and the quality of work has also improved. Although there is still room for improvement when reading, his confidence has grown overall.
  • Getting selected to perform solo and group Eisteddfod poems at his school.
  • Phillip broke the existing “Sequence” record at Edublox (see pic).

Thanks to everyone at Edublox for the effort.

Nadia Cartlidge, epos, 2 November 2018:


Dihann was ‘n paar jaar gelede by julle voor ons na Jhb verhuis het. Hy het baie groei getoon en is na ons verhuis het na ‘n privaat skool in Randburg.

Ons het gister aand die prys uitdeling gehad en Dihann is beloon vir top presteerder IN DIE SKOOL. Hy slaag met twee onderskeidings en het 70% en op in alle ander vakke.

Ons is sooo trots op hom en wil graag ook dankie sê vir die rol wat julle in sy lewe gespeel het.

‘n Dankbare mamma


Rughshana Shamase, 10 October 2018:

As soon as Milan started school we noticed that he struggled to concentrate and complete his tasks. He struggled to read and that made him frustrated and very troublesome. Homework time would be ‘mission impossible’, with me shouting and him crying. I dreaded parent-teacher evenings and I was always being the one called in to see the teacher. In Grade 3 his teacher called me in and said how much he was struggling and needed to repeat the year.

As a single parent I was not sure what else I could do to help my child. One night I came across the Edublox website and decided to take him for an assessment and he started his lessons. Since being at Edublox he has excelled so much academically. His English and Afrikaans have gone from a level 3 to a 6.

I would like thank Monique and her staff for their patience and hard work.

Thato Tlhabanyane, 9 October 2018:

Before Mbali started at Edublox, she was struggling with speech, concentration and her academic marks were not impressive. I am glad to inform you that she has improved a lot in her speech and concentration at school.

Her reading and writing has improved a lot but she can do better. Reading books everyday has really improved her thinking abilities and she is also able to hold a clear conversation with her peers. I would like her to continue attending lessons to improve her logical thinking and strengthen her confidence even further. Her academic marks has improved, even though they are improving at a slow space. I believe that with the hard work that she puts in her school work and lessons from Edublox she will thrive.

Nadia de Jongh, Pretoria, 12 September 2018:

Ons het vandag Liam se assesserings vir die kwartaal gekry. Hoe trots is die mamma nie?!? Vir die meeste take het hy tussen 70 en hoë 80%! Hy het selfs ‘n paar in die 90%! Die waarin hy nie so goed gedoen het nie was in die hoë 50%. Die vorige 2 kwartale was sy hoogste in die 60% gewees!

S.M., an adult from Durban, who completed 53 sessions of Reading Tutor over a period of 6 months:

I have been doing Edublox Online Tutor for the last 6 months and have seen an incredible difference in my reading, spelling and word pronunciation. I feel this program has benefited me in all aspects. It has unlocked my communication and confidence. With no doubt I can say it has improved my auditory and visual memory to a positively noticeable level. I would like to thank the Edublox team for the user-friendly program and their support. Making time to do the Edublox sessions may be difficult, though I reassure you, all your efforts will be outshined by your ability to read, understand and comprehend the knowledge you want to acquire.

Omphile’s report; great improvement in English!

Arista Derwig, George, 1 Desember 2017:

Hiermee wil ek net met lof getuig hoe Edublox George – Karen en haar span my dogter gehelp het. Ons was 10 jaar oorsee en die besluit om terug te kom Suid-Afrika toe was skielik. My kind moes vinnig aanpas en die lewe gaan aan. Niemand wag nie en sy moes byhou. Na ‘n paar maande het ek agtergekom daar is êrens ‘n swart kol. My kind kan lees, maar verstaan geen storie-lyn nie. Haar woordeskat, sinsbou en skryf was swak. Haar skrif was ook onnet.

Karen en haar span het ingespring en gehelp met ‘n 10-dag plan!!! Net een woord – Fantasties!!!! Kemieke se woordeskat het uitgebrei; sy kan woorde identifiseer asook die betekenis gee. Sy’t begin hou van lees en wil net vir almal briefies skryf. Sy konsentreer en onthou baie beter.

Hulle het my kind ongelooflik baie gehelp, nie net met haar skoolwerk nie, maar ook met selfvertroue, postuur en mens-wees! Hulle het haar in haarself laat glo. Sy het geleer mens mag foute maak en dis hoe jy leer – solank jy aanhou probeer en dit regmaak – sy leef nou daarby! Haar skoolwerk het so mooi opgetel, sy’s deel van die klas… nie meer die skaam, bang kind wat nie weet hoe nie. Sy probeer en neem deel in die klasse.

Daar is nog werk wat voorlê, so volgende jaar sien Edublox ons beslis weer vir meer lees en moontlik ‘n wiskunde klas! Edublox het vir my kind gehelp om weer in ‘n skitterende stêr te floreer.

Puleng Seoke-Sibuyi, Phalaborwa, 17 November 2017:

I enrolled my child at Edublox because she was not confident and she was very shy to read. It would seem that she couldn’t do something because she was afraid to make mistakes. Proclaim would rather keep quiet than answer a question or read out loud.

Proclaim has improved a lot. She now loves reading and spelling and she was one of the Top Ten Achievers in English and Life Skills.

I believe that Proclaim can still improve with her Mathematics.

Proclaim’s brilliant report:

Malesa Manamela, 16 November 2017:

Although Gontse tried hard at school, she had a challenge of remembering her classroom activities which demoralised her. She lacked confidence.

Since joining Edublox her reading ability has improved. Now she is able to share with me her schoolwork. Her confidence is so amazing that she can do her homework without constant supervision. Above all she has passed term 3!

Gontse’s report. She passed Term 3 after failing Terms 1 and 2:

Quintin Human, Phalabowa, 15 November 2017:

Ek het vir Dylan by Edublox ingeskryf omdat hy gesukkel het om te lees, hy’t gesukkel met wiskunde en hy het agtergeraak by die skool.

Edublox het definitief Dylan se selfvertroue en konsentrasie met 100% verbeter. Hy is nou baie meer gemaklik met wiskunde, hou van lees, skryf beter en hy is mal oor die rekenaarwerk by die sentrum. Sy gemiddeld by die skool het van 50-60% geklim na 77%. Sy juffrou sê hy is ‘n ander kind: waar hy gesukkel het om werk en toetse te voltooi maak hy nou altyd sy werk klaar en kry amper volpunte vir sy toetse. Hy het tot met hul prysuitdeling ‘n trofee gekry vir beste akademiese vordering in sy klas.

Tshepo Ramukumba, Polokwane, 13 November 2017:

Lethlotlo has been struggling with reading and spelling and have been to a reading centre previously in Mpumalanga, but it did not yield a positive outcome. On arrival in Polokwane I was referred to Edublox by a relative where I took him for assessment and enrolment.

Lehlotlo couldn’t write a sentence and make sense out of it before enrolling at Edublox. Spelling was a huge challenge to him also. He hated reading and spelling during dictation. Since he started attending extra classes, he can write a sentence that one can relate to though there are still some words that he cannot write. Edublox has given him a lot of confidence and he can even participate in class. It further assisted him to realise that repeating a class is not really bad as kids have different learning abilities. His progress report for the past three terms can attest to the improvement especially in Phonics where he managed to obtain a 7.

Mr. Shitsunyani Nelson Sabeka, 13 November 2017:

I would like to thank you for your patience in uplifting my son’s educational skills. Nkateko started with Edublox this year and has shown great improvement in terms of his understanding of the English language. Before he could not even speak nor understand a single word.

Nkateko studied at Leralli Primary School in Ga-Mampa Village, Giyani, Limpopo and recently moved to stay with Daddy in Tembisa. He was referred by Curro Serengeti.

Adele Meyer, 8 November 2017:

Anük was having trouble concentrating in class and reaching her full potential of being a ‘7’ learner. She was extremely forgetful which caused her to neglect her homework.

Anük is now more focused and more aware of her work. She takes pride in her writing and reading and strives to do better every time. Her tests have become challenges in which she is focused on getting the best outcome possible.

There are still some areas where she loses focus, but seeing as she hasn’t been with Edublox for a long time, we believe that it will improve with time as well.

Anük’s reports. In Term 2 she scored one 7/7 and in Term 3 four 7/7!

Albert Nöffke, 7 November 2017:

Ons het vir Phillip gevat vir evaluering omdat ons vermoed het hy sukkel met sy skoolwerk en omdat hy ADHD het. Na die evaluering is daar bevind dat Phillip se nodige vaardighede nie heeltemal ontwikkel is vir sy ouderdom nie.

Phillip let definitief baie beter op in die klas. Hy sukkel nie meer om sy huiswerk klaar te maak nie en het ook nie regtig ons hulp nodig wanneer hy sy huiswerk doen nie. Inteendeel, kom hy baie minder gereeld met huiswerk huis toe. Hy gebruik die tyd wat hulle in die klas kry om sy huiswerk klaar te maak, m.a.w. hy werk definitief vinniger. Phillip toon baie meer belangstelling is sy skoolwerk wat nooit so was nie. Hy kom leer (vertel) ons gereeld iets nuuts wat hy by die skool geleer het.

Phillip sukkel nog met sy wiskunde alhoewel hy al BAIE beter doen daarmee.

Phillip se skoolwerk is nou netjies!

Lizani Muller, Polokwane, 5 November 2017: 

CJ started with Edublox in May 2017. Before Edublox he was failing English Home Language (39%), but after only 2 months his English improved by 20% and his Maths improved from 58% to 71%!

We can’t wait to see his Term 4 report!

We are so proud of him!

CJ’s stunning report. His average improved from 45% to 66%!

Charmaine Fourie, 4 November 2017:

Reece Wilson started attending Edublox classes in January 2017:

Parents in Polokwane, 2 October 2017:

Ouers in Polokwane, 29 September 2017:

Gina Hartoog, 13 March 2017:

From: Gina Hartoog [mailto:[email protected]…]
Sent: 13 March 2017 01:00 PM
To: Alison Bourbier
Subject: Daryn’s progress


Here is my write up

During the third and fourth term of Grade 2, my son did very poorly in maths. His confidence took a knock and he became very emotional and anxious when it came to written tests. We decided to put him in Edublox and Mathblox classes for Grade 3. Within six weeks I noticed a huge difference in him. His confidence grew amazingly and the tears stopped! He was quite simply – a different child! In his first written Maths test for Grade 3 he got 77% – the second highest in his class.

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