133 Short Testimonials, English and Afrikaans (Part 3)

Quintin Human, Phalaborwa, 16 November 2017:

Ek het vir Dylan by Edublox ingeskryf omdat hy gesukkel het om te lees, hy’t gesukkel met wiskunde en hy het agtergeraak by die skool.

Edublox het definitief Dylan se selfvertroue en konsentrasie met 100% verbeter. Hy is nou baie meer gemaklik met wiskunde, hou van lees, skryf beter en hy is mal oor die rekenaarwerk by die sentrum. Sy gemiddeld by die skool het van 50-60% geklim na 77%. Sy juffrou sê hy is ‘n ander kind: waar hy gesukkel het om werk en toetse te voltooi maak hy nou altyd sy werk klaar en kry amper volpunte vir sy toetse. Hy het tot met hul prysuitdeling ‘n trofee gekry vir beste akademiese vordering in sy klas.

Adele Meyer, 8 November 2017:

Anük was having trouble concentrating in class and reaching her full potential of being a ‘7’ learner. She was extremely forgetful which caused her to neglect her homework.

Anük is now more focused and more aware of her work. She takes pride in her writing and reading and strives to do better every time. Her tests have become challenges in which she is focused on getting the best outcome possible.

There are still some areas where she loses focus, but seeing as she hasn’t been with Edublox for a long time, we believe that it will improve with time as well.

Anük’s reports. In Term 2 she scored one 7/7 and in Term 3 four 7/7!

Lizani Muller, Polokwane, 5 November 2017: 

CJ started with Edublox in May 2017. Before Edublox he was failing English Home Language (39%), but after only 2 months his English improved by 20% and his Maths improved from 58% to 71%!

We can’t wait to see his Term 4 report!

We are so proud of him!

CJ’s stunning report. His average improved from 45% to 66%!

Charmaine Fourie, 4 November 2017:

Parents in Polokwane, 2 October 2017:

Ouers in Polokwane, 29 September 2017:

Gina Hartoog, 13 March 2017:

From: Gina Hartoog [mailto:[email protected]…]
Sent: 13 March 2017 01:00 PM
To: Alison Bourbier
Subject: Daryn’s progress


Here is my write up

During the third and fourth term of Grade 2, my son did very poorly in maths. His confidence took a knock and he became very emotional and anxious when it came to written tests. We decided to put him in Edublox and Mathblox classes for Grade 3. Within six weeks I noticed a huge difference in him. His confidence grew amazingly and the tears stopped! He was quite simply – a different child! In his first written Maths test for Grade 3 he got 77% – the second highest in his class.

Kind regards,


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