Simple. Convenient. An Absolute Blessing

Edublox was the answer to many endless nights worrying about how our daughter was going to slay this monstrous mountain which laid ahead of her called ‘School’.

As she continued with Edublox, her marks improved and confidence grew. We all were ecstatic. However, we still experienced challenges. Not with schoolwork any more, but definitely with logistics. Living in the fast-paced Gauteng and having demanding jobs which require extensive travel, managing the juggling act of work, marriage, parenthood, dropping off and collecting of children, extra murals, healthy living – the list goes on – was surely a challenge. So much so, that our daughter missed some classes due to schedules clashing – that was the last thing we wanted!!!

But then came Edublox Online!!! WOW!!! What an absolute blessing! Our daughter has not missed one lesson. She throughly enjoys the ‘online game setup’, EduCoins and creatures and loves sharing her accomplishments with us as she continues to beat the next level.

The beauty of Edublox Online is that it can be done anywhere, anytime! Simple. Convenient. At home or on the go… I simply pack my laptop and our daughter can play while she learns. No more missing classes due to logistics! No more worries about traffic or being late. No more rushing. Just pure Edublox fun with the added benefit of spending that extra time together, learning while having fun!

Thank you, Susan and the Edublox Team!

Elani van Zyl  

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