Teachers Can’t Believe the Change

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We would like to thank the Edublox team for helping Matthew.

Matthew was struggling with reading, spelling and writing. His teacher told us that he was going to fail his grade. His speech therapist recommended we take him to an educational psychologist, which we did, and she recommended that we send Matthew to a special school – or to a special class, if his present school had one.

We could not do that to Matthew, as we did not feel he belonged in a special class or school; he just needed more people to believe in him like we did.

Since Matthew started classes at Edublox his confidence has grown. His concentration, reading and spelling have improved. In the beginning of the year Matthew did not want to go to school, as he was unable to complete his work in the class. A few months later he couldn’t wait to go to school. His teachers can’t believe the change in him since he started Edublox.

I will recommend Edublox to everyone — for a child to be on a failing list in the beginning of the year and receive a certificate for good performance says a lot about the work done by Alison and her team!

Once again, THANK YOU.

Charlene and Pieter du Toit

Matthew’s report:


Written work, quarter 1:

Written work, quarter 4:

Certificate for ‘good progress in Grade 3’:

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Charlene and Pieter du Toit Matthew's parents

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