What an Investment I Made in My Child, Taking Her to Edublox!!


Homework was a tedious chore in that it took approximately 3-4 hours per day to complete which resulted in parent-child frustration and unnecessary stress on the family. As far as reading is concerned, Carmen had to spell the words out in order to read properly; she was unable to construct a sentence by herself.

This to me was a sure sign that she was struggling and was not up to the standard for her age. Upon me discussing this with other parents, they indicated that their children were coping with homework in minimal time. I discussed this with her teacher a year ago and she assured me that Carmen is coping in class but can do better and referred to her as “lazy”.

I made the decision that my daughter cannot struggle so early in her schooling as this would one day affect her ability to study and impair her getting ahead in life. I “googled” for additional tutoring and came across Edublox.

Alison Boubier immediately responded and advised that I should bring Carmen in as soon as possible for evaluation. I was shocked to hear that Carmen was only at Grade 1 level albeit that she had almost completed Grade 2 with a silver merit for academics. Alison advised two remedial classes per week of an hour and a half each to get Carmen up to her grade standard.

Carmen is still on a silver level in terms of her results at school, however in the last term she did bring her first “7” home for life orientation.

Her reading has improved so much that I enrolled her at Dell’ Arte – Art Festival to boost her confidence. I am so proud of the fact that she achieved A++ for English and A+++ for Afrikaans, her home language. She also won the “Item Wenner” category out of ± 50 competing children from different schools.

The “cherry on top” is the fact that Carmen does homework of her own accord, in much less time than previously expended and constructs her own sentences that actually make sense. She does homework “quickly” in the morning before school on her own understanding and without any assistance from me, with minimal spelling errors.

In the past, it was labour-intensive for Carmen to study for Friday tests as her reading and understanding capabilities were impaired. Now, however, she revises her work in a fraction of the time on a Thursday and comes home with 100% results on Friday.

In passing, Carmen’s teacher told me that she noticed a remarkable improvement in her schoolwork and that whatever I did to change that, “I should keep it up”. (This is after she attended the June school holiday programme).

What an investment I made in my child taking her to Edublox!!

We now have more quality time as a family with less stress and a much happier environment, giving Carmen more time for her sporting activities, which she is also excelling in.

Gosh, she even has time to play!

Joeselle Griggs

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Joeselle Griggs Carmen's mother

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