Yiva is a Happy Child With Confidence Again

Yiva was really struggling with writing, spelling and reading English. He could not even construct a sentence on his own. He struggled to follow language rules, for example using past tenses anywhere. When he tied spelling a small word like “bang” he would spell or write “beng”. I guess he was told to spell names as they sound. He had a low self-esteem and no confidence at all. Yiva was unhappy for a child his age and would cry whenever he had to speak English.

I was looking for an after-school program that could help him as other kids were teasing him and seeing him cry hurt me a lot. I wanted him to do better. I came across the Edublox page on Facebook and read their offers. I saw that the focus will be on him during his classes, unlike aftercare. That is when I decided to enroll him at Edublox.

He has improved in every aspect, he can now write, speak and spell English very well. Yiva is a happy child with confidence again. Although his English accent still needs work, he is working very hard at improving. I recommend Edublox to other parents all the time. The love, care and support he gets at Edublox does not allow me to keep quiet about it.

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Eza Lumkwana Yiva's Mother

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