Zaid’s Journey to Success


Zaid’s journey as told by Fatima Omar: 

The reason why I enrolled my son at Edublox is that he attended a private school before that, and two years down the line they called me in to say that he is not fit to attend their school. At that time my son thought that he was retarded and developed a heavy anxiety. They then wanted me to put him into a school like Mary Harding, which is a school for intellectually disabled kids.

At that time I was so stressed and was searching for a school for Zaid. I went onto the internet and went searching for a school which would be suitable for him. I came across Edublox, went onto the website and knew immediately this is the place I wanted my son to be at.

I called and made an appointment to go and see Zainu Allie. She explained what Edublox is all about and showed me how they worked with the kids. I was so impressed and knew this is where Zaid must be. Zaid then did the test and all his results were below average.

The tutors at Edublox are so professional at what they do. They are caring and passionate about their work. My son could not read nor write when he arrived at Edublox, and had a severe concentration problem, but thanks to Edublox he has improved so much.

Thank you teachers at Edublox.

Zaid’s journey as told by Zainu Allie:

Zaid completed grade 2 at a mainstream school and was later referred to a special needs school. When informed that he had to attend a special needs school Zaid developed anxiety, became extremely stressed and had a very negative attitude towards his work. He felt as though there was no longer hope for him to succeed.

Zaid’s mom enrolled him at Edublox for weekly classes as well as the intensive one-on-one course. His mom was very happy with his progress and thereafter registered Zaid for the EASY programme. In fact, Zaid’s mom pestered us to get going with the EASY programme, therefore he was our first EASY learner at the Edublox Claremont franchise.

When Zaid started with the EASY programme, he struggled to read at grade 3 level and did not understand basic mathematical concepts. He was unable to complete tasks in a timely manner and found it difficult to grasp information, which frustrated him. Zaid faced many obstacles in his schooling curriculum such as poor handwriting skills, reading and spelling difficulties, and low self-confidence to name a few. He had little internal motivation and often did not take pride in his work. Besides these learning difficulties, Zaid’s personal problems – from being in an accident to losing their home and having to move from pillar to post – had made him feel extremely unsettled and disorientated. All these additional problems made it very difficult for Zaid to concentrate in class and contributed to his learning insecurities.

Zaid was able to overcome his negative situation by adopting a positive attitude towards his work, persevering through challenging tasks an ensuing that he tried his best.

Zaid has progressed from a learner who would become anxious when having to do tasks he did not understand and found challenging, to a learner who is now eager and enthusiastic about learning. Zaid is able to present English and Afrikaans orals confidently, always having a smile on his face.  He needs little to no assistance in mathematics and is able to occupy his time constructively in class. Although Zaid still finds his study subjects to be challenging, he always tries his best and never gives up, often stating excitedly, “I can do it, I’m not dumb”, while hitting on his chest. Zaid’s hard-working, enthusiastic and kind nature has made him a true example of never giving up, no matter how many challenges you are faced with.

Zaid’s report:

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Fatima Omar and Zainu Allie Zaid's mother and tutor

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