Tutor Vox-Pops: 2016 In a Nutshell

vox-pops-visual_editedAs 2016 draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on the year that was. We asked tutors and franchisees from Edublox franchises across South Africa to share their highlights of the year — and what they have learned. Here are their stories. 

“One thing that has always stood out for me, is how most of the kiddies that start at Edublox are so broken down, discouraged and terrified of you as a ‘teacher’, as well as terrified of ‘failing/doing the wrong thing’. It is amazing to see how they ALL flourish after a few sessions and slowly become their confident happy selves again. I think this is definitely a result of our encouraging environment and the fact that they are able to identify and fix their mistakes by themselves, without anybody announcing/highlighting what they have done wrong.”

– Alison, Durbanville

“Inside the Edublox clinics… what can I say, except what an honour it is to be associated with such and amazing establishment.

“The best part of working for Edublox must be the visible improvement one can observe in the learners. The acknowledgement you get from the parents and most of all the little smiles you receive from the learners when you tell them ‘good job’.

“As with everything in life, you stumble across little hurdles in the road. Learners who do not show progress as fast as others tend to get discouraged and motivating them is not always easy. But with them the rewards are much greater, and that makes it worth our while.

“To me personally working for Edublox is a passion and not a job. Children are the little miracles of our time and being involved in the making of a bright and wonderful future is truly a privilege.”

– Tutor, Pretoria North 

“Those who can DO – those who can’t TEACH….  a very old, run down proverb but in many ways, it sums up my life’s journey. From as far back as I remember, all I ever wanted to be was a teacher, and when being afforded the opportunity to go to varsity, I opted for a teacher’s college as I believed in my heart that I wasn’t good enough/clever enough to be anything else than a teacher (in any case, I loved the idea of being a teacher).

“Looking back, I regret settling for this option as I now know that I CAN DO AND I CAN TEACH, but it took a programme like Edublox to teach me this valuable lesson.

“My path crossed with that of Edublox by coincidence, and without trying to sound cheesy, I believe that Edublox chose me, as I never had any intentions of being a business owner…. remember, I am merely a teacher.

“I still remember the first lesson with two students sitting in front of me and me thinking: ‘God, I hope this works’. To be honest, I still shoot up that same prayer every time I enrol a new learner, and every time, without fail, the positive feedback and wonderful results take me by surprise. Having wonderful teachers in the class, I absolutely marvel at their excitement when a learner in their class is successful. Our prayers get answered every time!

“I can count on my two hands the number of times I received a ‘Thank you’ from a parent while I was still a teacher at a mainstream school. As an Edublox tutor, I was dumbstruck when a father came by class one Saturday morning before his round of golf to thank me for what Edublox is doing for his son…. REALLY! The time parents take to acknowledge the work we are doing are humbling and I believe that I mean more to the education system where I am now at Edublox than what I would mean in a school classroom. In my small way, I hope that I am making a difference to the lives of my fellow teachers and their students in the classroom.

“Being the business owner, I have also had the opportunity to invest in tutors. This is, most probably, the most painful process and kills me every time I must look for the type of person that shares my values in education. In saying this, it is also the most inspiring thing to do: taking a stay-at-home mom and empowering her to change the lives of students is an investment not only in business, but in a person. The joy she experiences when she sees the improvement of her work with a student puts a smile on my face time and time again. I love the confidence I see in my tutors, I love the passion that we share, I love my teachers!

“There is nothing else I would every want to be than a teacher and the Edublox programme affords me the opportunity to be a teacher and make a huge impact on small children’s lives. I will be honest – I do get days when I feel let down by society – the school system causing more harm than good, a parent expecting the impossible, a student being misled that a busy extra-mural roster makes you a good student… but I have come to the understanding that I won’t be able to change everything in life, I don’t have that magical wand, but what I do have is a support structure of my own in the Edublox family and a programme that makes it possible for us to make little miracles happen.

“I am convinced that the proverb is wrong –  because I now know:  Those who can DO what they do well and those who can’t — need a Edublox teacher!”

– Monique, Randburg and West Rand Franchisee

“In the time that I have been with Edublox , many amazing things have happened. Seeing the children grow and develop is a reward on its own. Tremendous breakthroughs have been accomplished and we are not losing any momentum. The fact that a child struggles is no reason to underestimate them.

“We not only help the child to mould their own mind , but to broaden their understanding as well. Its all about guiding each child to unlock their full potential and to show them that they should not limit themselves to any challenge that is presented to them.

“As their tutor, it is my responsibility to ensure that they feel safe and calm in the learning environment and also to inspire and motivate them to ensure that they are under the best circumstances for their progression. These children truly do touch your heart and know how to create a joyful atmosphere. It’s also about walking with the child and their parents on the road to success.

“If I had to mention an event that was uplifting and inspiring, I would have to write a piece on every child for they all are brilliant! I will however say how proud I am of each child individually.

“Children are great imitators so give them something to imitate that holds substance.

“I think I speak for all tutors when I say that we are grateful for the privilege to do our part for these children. Thank you to them for touching our lives.

Deuteronomy 32:2: Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.”

-Dylan, Pretoria East 

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December 30, 2016

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