TV Programme: ITV’s “Let’s Talk” about Dyslexia

The term dyslexia was coined from the Greek words “dys”, meaning ill or difficult, and “lexis”, meaning word. It is used to refer to persons for whom reading is simply beyond their reach. Spelling and writing, due to their close relationship with reading, are usually included.

According to popular belief dyslexia is a neurological disorder in the brain that causes information to be processed and interpreted differently, resulting in reading difficulties. Historically, the dyslexia label has been assigned to learners who are bright, even verbally articulate, but who struggle with reading; in short, whose high IQs mismatch their low reading scores. When children are not as bright, their reading troubles have been chalked up to their general intellectual limitations…

Edublox featured on ITV’s “Let’s Talk” on the subject of dyslexia on 2 April 2016:

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Laura Trudel

We did Audiblox, the first program, to great effect. My son went through college and graduated wih no delay. He used Audiblox for about 9 months, every day when he was 9. We saw a huge difference and would recommend the program highly. If we would have had the program on internet, that would have been even better. Doing things by mail was long back then, we live in Canada.

Thanks Susan!

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