Video: Building Your Child’s “House of Learning”

Imagine building a house. There are walls and windows, a roof and a front door. But without a strong foundation, the entire structure can collapse.

At Edublox, we like to compare the learning process to that of building a house. Some children find it challenging to learn because they experience difficulty reading or learning difficulties. It’s like trying to put a roof on a house that has no walls.

We’re going to share with you how Edublox can assist your child to reach academic success by building a strong House of Learning.

Before a house is built, a town planner and developer need to ensure a good infrastructure. A group of people come together with one goal in mind: to build a solid house.



At Edublox we work with parents with one goal in mind: to build a solid House of Learning for your child.

The first step to guarantee a stable structure aboveground, is to make sure there is a deep trench underground. Language is the “trench” of learning, a skill your child learns from birth and is essential for education and communication throughout his or her life.

If the foundation is strong, it will hold the entire infrastructure of the house, and even of a double-storey. Our foundation consists of concentration, perception, memory and logical thinking.

To build walls you need bricks and mortar. Edublox’s bricks are made up of vocabulary, reading, spelling, and comprehension. This is complemented by our strong mortar, a mixture of cognitive skill development and dedication, which holds our bricks together even when the walls must be high.

What would a beautiful house be without windows? Windows have a dual purpose: we can see into them or out of them. Our windows are your child’s image of themselves looking inwards as well as outwards; it is their perceived view of how the world sees them. We focus on developing your child’s self-esteem and self-image so that they love what they see when looking inwards or outwards.

Once the foundations are thrown and set, the walls firmly built and the windows are in place, a roof is placed on the house. Our roof is Studiblox, a course covering study methods and study techniques to help your child pack more learning into less time. Studiblox teaches mind mapping, the writing of summaries, essays, and speeches, and how to answer exam papers so that your child can approach tests and exams with confidence.

Why not add an extra room to your house? Our extra room is our English First Additional Language and Afrikaans First Additional Language courses that cover reading, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Mathblox combines foundational skills such as working memory with maths skills and knowledge.

Finally, our house is finished. As  building contractor of your child’s House of Learning, Edublox ensures a solid foundation, a sturdy structure, and a roof that doesn’t leak by using only quality materials and highly trained builders.

The keeper of the front door key, however, is you, the parent. It is your privilege to unlock the world of learning for your child.

Not all building sites are the same, and occasionally the plot of land offers challenges of its own. It may be wet or marshy, and the soil first needs to be amended and strengthened. With EASY – Edublox Academic Support Years – Read 2!, our Intensive 1-on-1 course or the Intensive Holiday course it can be done.

Edublox has helped many children to build their House of Learning on plots of land that were once marshy and unstable. So, don’t be fearful of building on land just because it’s not solid.

Why choose Edublox to build your child’s House of Learning?

Well, Edublox has extensive experience in the educational field, with detailed research backing our methods, and quality control across all franchises. We’ve been helping kids reach for success for more than 30 years.

Our starting point is an inspection of the initial condition of your child’s House of Learning – an assessment, followed by feedback to explain the results and present a recommendation – a building plan for your child.

And, like a good building contractor, Edublox will keep you updated as your child’s House of Learning is being built.

At Edublox, we believe in Successful Kids and Proud Families. Reach out to us today to see how we can help your child build a strong House of Learning and achieve academic success.https://www.edubloxsa.co.za/testimonial/reading-much-better/

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May 14, 2021

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