Webinar: Beyond the Label Series

The Beyond the Label Webinar Series aims to clarify the shared understanding of the term dyslexia by researchers and the broader professional community.

We move beyond the label to look at the types of difficulties experienced by learners with dyslexia, identify the skills that underlie these difficulties, and how these skills can be developed to reduce (and in many cases turn around) learning challenges so that learners can succeed academically.

We also take a preventative view, providing parents and teachers with strategies that can be implemented at home and in the classroom to build a strong foundation for learning.

The series is presented by Hannelie Brönner (MA Ed Leadership: Inclusive Education), the Edublox Educational Programs Manager and owner of the Durbanville franchise.

Session 1: Dyslexia demystified

Session 2: Memory

In the first webinar, we looked at the label of dyslexia and tried to understand the shift in emphasis from ‘diagnosis’ to ‘intervention’. Now we will move beyond the label and explore the first of the essential cognitive skills underlying successful reading and learning, namely memory. We look at the different types of memory and provide strategies for developing the memory skills essential for academic success at home and school.


Session 3: Long-term memory

During this webinar, we take a look at long-term memory, focusing on semantic memory: the “library of the brain.” We consider the importance of semantic memory for learning and provide strategies for development at home and school.

Session 4: Perfect practice makes perfect

During this webinar, we focus on how perfect practice is essential to developing critical neurological pathways whenever your child learns new information or a skill.


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