Meet Leona Vernooy, Owner at Edublox Wellington

Leona has always had a passion for working with children and knew from a very young age that she wanted to do it for a living.

After completing her B.Ed. degree at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Wellington Campus, she worked as a teacher at a primary school for a few years, and then as a remedial teacher. In 2017, she started investigating how she could live out this passion by starting her own business and came across Edublox.

“I had a boy in my class who attended Edublox in another town, and I could see the impact it made on his life,” she recalls. “When he could not attend Edublox anymore, I could see how it affected his attitude.”

Leona started investigating Edublox as she wanted to open an outlet in her hometown, Wellington. She knew that there were a lot of children who were struggling and feeling like they were not good enough.

“I wanted more learners to experience the feeling of belonging and achieving success. I knew with the Edublox programme I would be able to make that difference in the lives of learners,” she adds.

What makes you happy in your personal life?

I love travelling. Reading and making memories with loved ones. I value family and friendship. I love cooking and baking.

Why are you passionate about helping children?

Children are our future, and I feel that it is important to educate learners not only academically, but with strong values. Children see the world differently — and while teaching them, they also teach me to see things from a different perspective.

What is the best part of your day at Edublox?

Welcoming the kids and seeing their moods change. They can go from tired and not in the mood for class to laughing and enjoying their day. And I love it when they leave positive and believing in themselves.

In what ways have you seen children improve emotionally, in their behaviour, or reading and learning?

In my three years as an Edublox franchisee, I have had the privilege to meet and work with a lot of parents and learners — each of which is a success story of their own. I had parents in my office crying and worried about their children and how they were going to pass their grade. After only a few weeks into the Edublox programme, you could see a difference in those learners and their academic performance. There is no feeling more fulfilling than seeing an uncertain learner blooming into a confident reader.

If you could give one message of hope to parents in your area whose children are struggling with reading and learning difficulties, what would it be?

Covid affected all of us in different ways, emotionally and financially. We will never know how it affected another person. The same with our children — each child is unique and special, and so is the way they learn. Covid affected their academic foundation and their development, especially the younger learners. But every child is capable of learning and succeeding — even if it happens at their own pace. We at Edublox are here to support each learner, and to help them succeed and develop to their full potential.

What Edublox centres offer

• Edublox classes aimed at Grade 1 to 10 learners improve concentration, perception, memory, logical thinking, reading speed, spelling ability and reading comprehension.
• The Edublox English Language Course is aimed at learners in Grade 3 and older.
 Intensive holiday courses1-on-1 courses.

Contact Leona

Cell: 079-031-4045
Email: [email protected] 
Address: 4 Tecoma Crescent, Wellington

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