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Edublox classesMost of us take for granted the amazing processes that happen in our brain. Every bit of information, every question, and each fragment of sensory input is processed at lightning speed so that we can read, analyse, integrate, decide, answer and learn.

Struggling learners are often let down by these automatic processes. The ease of understanding new information that should have been normal becomes difficult. Learning that should have been easy is a frustrating effort. Reading that should have been effortless is a slow, embarrassing trial. Other problems may include:

• Inattention or loss of focus
• Reversal of letters and/or numbers
• Spelling difficulties
• Difficulty with homework
• Falling behind in class, sometimes even with special help or tutoring.

Edublox clinics specialise in cognitive training that makes learners smarter, and helps them learn and read faster, easier, and better. Our classes and courses address:

• Concentration: focused and sustained attention.

• Perceptual skills: visual and auditory foreground-background differentiation; visual and auditory discrimination, synthesis and analysis; form discrimination; spatial relations.

• Memory: visual, auditory, sequential, iconic, short-term, long-term and working memory.

• Logical thinking: deductive and inductive reasoning.

• Reading, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension.

Other services include:

Mathblox Classes

Whether in science, business, or daily living, we cannot escape the use of numbers. Every job, from the rocket scientist to the sheep herder, requires the use of maths! No matter the country you live in, the language you speak, maths is an unavoidable and required knowledge.

There is no question that the failure to develop competencies in maths during the school years can seriously handicap both daily living and vocational prospects for young people and adults alike. In today’s world, mathematical knowledge, maths reasoning and maths problem-solving skills are no less important than reading ability.

Our Mathblox classes are aimed at Grade 2 to 7 learners and set the foundation for grasping mathematics. We achieve this by teaching your child:

• An in-depth understanding of the terminology used in maths.

• Foundational maths skills such as focused, sustained and divided attention; visual processing; visual, sequential and working memory; deductive and inductive reasoning.

• Application in the form of curriculum-based exercises — mental arithmetic, reading time, word sums, et cetera.

Edublox English Language Course

It is currently the world’s most widely used language, with over 1.8 billion users world-wide. It is the language of business, science, technology, internet and sport. Any person’s chance to be successful academically or in the workplace is enhanced tremendously if he or she is fluent in English.

The Edublox English Language Course is aimed at learners in Grade 3 and older. It consists of 28 modules, each of them 90 minutes long.

Key topics addressed in the course are:

• Vocabulary: Extensive word lists with researched descriptions.

• Reading and spelling: Powerful and fun exercises ensure fast and sustainable learning.

• Grammar: Rules are dealt with comprehensively and include tenses, nouns, degrees of comparison, etc.

• Pronunciation: Tutor-based learning ensures correct pronunciation.

Studiblox Study Methods Course

It is a known fact that study success and failure do not only depend on ability. In fact, it depends largely on the extent to which learners are able to apply proper study methods and techniques.

Many children mistakenly think that studying means revising material by reading through it repeatedly, and that doing this in front of the TV at full volume is acceptable. Needless to say, this does not make for true information retention!

Ready for your child to pack more learning into less time, study smarter, approach tests with confidence and excel in the classroom? Edublox Reading and Learning Clinics offer Studiblox, an advanced academic skills course for superior learning proficiency. We ensure this by teaching your child:

• What needs to be memorised, understood and practised.
• Mnemonics — memory techniques.
• Techniques to quickly understand content.
• Making summaries.
• Preparing for exams.
• Speed reading.
• How to plan and write essays and speeches.
• Unprepared speeches.


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