Edublox Research Study: Improving Visual Memory and Visual Sequential Memory

Edublox ResearchIn an interesting research study, chiropractor Dr Jaidan Mays compared the effects of Edublox training versus Edublox training combined with cervical spinal manipulative therapy on visual memory and visual sequential memory. Mays hypothesised that cervical adjustment therapy results in augmented cerebral blood flow, which positively impacts cognitive brain functions.

Thirty-four Grade 5, 6 and 7 learners from an inner city school participated in Mays’s study. Two sub-tests of the Test of Visual Perceptual Skills were used to assess the visual memory and visual sequential memory of the learners. They were then divided into two equal groups, and were trained by an Edublox tutor for 22.5 hours over a period of five days. A holistic Edublox program was followed, which included auditory and reading exercises. The Edublox and Adjustment Group also received cervical adjustment therapy every morning for the five-day period. The assessment was repeated after the five days.

The results: The mean Visual Memory Skills Test POST score across both groups was significantly higher than the mean Visual Memory Skills Test PRE score. The mean score across both groups improved from 6.2 years to 7.5 years (i.e. 1.3 years after 22.5 hours of training). The Edublox Group improved slightly more than the Edublox and Adjustment Group (from 6.3 to 7.8 years versus from 6.2 to 7.1 years):


The mean Visual Sequential Memory score of the Edublox Group improved by 1.5 years (from 6.6 to 8.1 years); the mean score of the Edublox and Adjustment Group decreased by 0.6 years (from 8.5 to 7.9 years).


These results do not confirm the theory. Rather, the research suggests that the opposing view may be correct, i.e. that cervical adjustment therapy results in lower cerebral blood flow which negatively impacts cognitive brain functions. These aforementioned results do, however, confirm the power of Edublox programs to change the lives of children for the better.

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