Afrikaans First Additional Language Course

Are you unable to help your child with Afrikaans and feeling frustrated?

The Edublox First Additional Language Course is a customised course focusing on speaking and vocabulary, as well as phonics and writing, as opposed to grammar only. Edublox makes use of the Total Physical Response (TPR) method, which is a method of teaching language concepts by using physical movement. The TPR method, famed for mimicking the way infants learn their first language, taught by passionate Edublox tutors, can help to lower learner inhibitions and stress in the classroom.

The aim of the Edublox First Additional Language Course is to help children pass, or even excel in Afrikaans as an additional subject. The course is best suited for Grade 2-6 learners who are coping well in school with their first language.

A happy Edublox mother shares her experiences with the course: “My son could not read or write anything in Afrikaans when we initially joined the Edublox programme. Today he has so much self-confidence in the language that he even corrects his grade 10 sibling and mom, who is Afrikaans speaking. Grateful for this awesome programme and growth it has offered him.”

Contact your closest outlet for more information around the course and whether it’s a good fit for your child’s specific first additional language needs.

* Course content is also incorporated in the online, tutor-based Edublox class options that were launched in May 2020.

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