child taking a testEdublox specialises in educational interventions comprising of cognitive training, reading, spelling, comprehension and maths.

Our educational staff make use of an Edublox assessment that helps determine the child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as their reading abilities. The assessment is not diagnostic, but aims to determine:

  • the learner’s cognitive, reading and educational needs,
  • if Edublox will be a good fit for the learner, and which specific Edublox services will be the best fit,
  • an estimate of the number of hours of cognitive, reading and/or maths training that will be required, and
  • if any additional help and exercises are needed. (A child who reverses b’s and d’s, for example, might need to spend four minutes per day doing additional exercises at home.)

After the assessment, the results are discussed with the parents and recommendations are made.

Two forms of the assessment is in use at Edublox branches: a computer-based assessment and a more hands-on assessment. The article, Three Cognitive Skills that Matter for Academic Achievementwhich was co-authored by Edublox’s Head of Educational Programmes and presented at the Edulearn19 International Conference on New Learning Technologies, gives some clarity about the cognitive skills assessed.

Contact us to schedule an assessment.

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