Studiblox Study Methods Course

It is a known fact that study success and failure do not only depend on ability. In fact, it depends largely on the extent to which learners are able to apply proper study methods and techniques.

Many children mistakenly think that studying means revising material by reading through it repeatedly, and that doing this in front of the TV at full volume is acceptable. Needless to say, this does not make for true information retention!

Ready for your child to pack more learning into less time, study smarter, approach tests with confidence and excel in the classroom? Edublox Reading and Learning Clinics offer Studiblox, an advanced academic skills course for superior learning proficiency. We ensure this by teaching your child:

* What needs to be memorised, understood and practised.
* Mnemonics — memory techniques.
* Techniques to quickly understand content.
* Making summaries.
* Preparing for exams.
* How to plan and write essays and speeches.
* Unprepared speeches.

For upcoming course dates in your area, please contact your nearest Edublox outlet. 

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