Read2! Intensive Reading Programme

Read2! is a focused reading programme designed for learners who are in danger of failing their academic year due to severe reading difficulties.

Although there are no quick fixes where reading and learning difficulties are concerned, the Read2! programme is designed to deliver real and significant results in terms of reading in only two months. Edublox developed the course to help children and parents tackle the immediate shortcomings that are preventing them from moving on to a next grade or from returning to a mainstream school. Once the immediate cognitive issues have been resolved, a long-term intervention strategy may be beneficial to a child as well.

The programme is a combination of the power of four Intensive Holiday Courses, specifically designed to help children make the most of the reading help through a snowball-effect. So far, Edublox has documented inspirational success stories from learners who have been part of a trial programme. One of them is young Zwi, who was unable to read when he walked through the doors, but already showed significant improvement after just nine days!

Children can attend classes from 08:00 to 13:30 or in the afternoons for the duration of the eight-week course. Contact your nearest local Edublox reading, maths and learning clinic for more information and costs or to book an assessment to kick-start the process.



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