A Special Offer for Parents ― The Year Is 1979…

OudibloxStarting in 1979, our very first product was distributed in South Africa by Audio Vista (educational publishers), under the tradename OUDIBLOX. To the right is an advertisement that was published in a national magazine. Unfortunately we only have a black and white copy of this ad…


OUDIBLOX – a game to help your child prepare for school
Only R6 (price includes GST, postage & packing)

Our special offer this month will be of particular interest to parents with pre-school age children. Oudiblox is a set of block-building games, devised by a South African educationalist, to help children acquire mental skills and abilities.

There are 48 coloured blocks and a pack of picture cards which a child uses in “games” either alone, with a parent or with a few friends. Each game includes a “task”. All the activities involving these 48 blocks are aimed at developing the important skill of remembering what has been seen or heard. And when your child is handling the blocks he is being challenged to:
• look carefully
• listen attentively
• remember what he has learned
• perform a given task correctly
• persevere what he has started
• sharpen his powers of concentration

These are the demands made on children in school day by day, so obviously children who have mastered and “practised” these skills are off to a good start.


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