Edublox Scores Big in Latest Customer Satisfaction Survey!

Edublox has conducted an annual online survey for over a decade to gauge client satisfaction and assess the success, effectiveness, and outcomes of our educational initiatives.

A key focus is whether parents and teachers observe improvements in a learner’s academic performance.¬†We also inquire about the client experience with our customer service and whether they would recommend Edublox to others. The valuable insights from these questions inform our decisions, helping us continually enhance our ability to serve our customers.

We take pride in the progress witnessed over the past year and the positive feedback received. For more than ten years, Edublox has consistently achieved such high scores, setting us apart in both service and results achieved by others in our field.

We commend each learner for their dedication to learning during tutoring sessions. Our heartfelt thanks also go to the parents who have played a crucial role in their children’s success. Additionally, we express gratitude to the dedicated tutors who have invested countless hours of hard work.

These results show that our goal to bridge the gap between learning needs and academic success is consistently being reached while putting the learner first! When choosing a learning solution for your child in the future, be sure to ask if they could prove the same.

The infographic below provides a concise breakdown of the data collected from our 40+ franchisees across Southern Africa:

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