Rights vs. Responsibilities in Education

One thing to note, as with all aspects of life; with rights come responsibilities. In South Africa, we have one of the most progressive constitutions in the world with the Right to Education playing an essential role. While our constitution may be widely recognised and admired few people know that the Department of Education has also introduced a “Bill of Responsibilities”.

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The Right to Writing

The benefits of being literate transcend individuals, families, communities, and nations. Literacy should arguably be a right, as it is directly implicit to the right to education. This is why we decided to focus on the ‘right to write’ this month. We have put together a few exercises and tools that you can introduce at home to assist your child in those early steps into their educational career.

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Tips for Parents: How to Start the Academic Year Right!

Starting the new school year on the right foot is always tricky. Between covering schoolbooks, outgrown uniforms and stationery lists we sometimes forget that setting yourself and your child up for a successful academic year goes way beyond the first day back. We thought it might help to remind you of some essential pointers to ensure a successful academic year.

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Hacks to Calm the New School Year Nerves

The first day back at school can be both exciting and nerve-racking for all involved. As a parent, you might be looking forward to the almost never-ending holiday to come to an end, but are concerned about what challenges might wait around the corner.

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When Bad Behaviour Indicates A Need For Intervention

If a five-year-old child misbehaves and blames an imaginary friend, parents don’t usually become alarmed. They correct the child and move on. But what about an eight-year-old who hears voices and feels threatened by something she can’t explain?

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