Webinar: Beyond the Label Series

The Beyond the Label Webinar Series aims to clarify the shared understanding of the term dyslexia by researchers and the broader professional community. We move beyond the label to look at the types of difficulties experienced by learners with dyslexia, identify the skills that underlie these difficulties, and how these skills can be developed to reduce (and in many cases turn around) learning challenges so that learners can succeed academically.

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Webinaar: Hoe om Woordeskat te Verbeter

Opvoedkundige Praktisyn, Marina Wilters, verduidelik wat woordeskat behels en hoekom dit so belangrik is om dit te ontwikkel. Sy deel ook praktiese wenke oor hoe om kinders se woordeskat te verbeter. Marina het ‘n BA Hons-graad in Opvoedkundige Sielkunde en is opgelei in Geïntegreerde Leerterapie.

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Webinar: The Effects of Reading Problems on a Child’s Emotions

This webinar focuses on the effects reading problems can have on a child's emotions. It was presented by Lizani Muller, Educational Practitioner from Edublox Polokwane.

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Rights vs. Responsibilities in Education

One thing to note, as with all aspects of life, with rights come responsibilities. South Africa has one of the most progressive constitutions in the world, with the Right to Education playing an essential role. While our constitution may be widely recognised and admired, few people know that the Department of Education has also introduced a “Bill of Responsibilities.”

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Right to Acceptance – The Fuss Around Neurodiversity

What is neurodiversity really, and what effect does it have on our view of learning disabilities like autism, dyslexia, and ADHD?

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Hacks to Calm the New School Year Nerves

The first day back at school can be both exciting and nerve-racking for all involved. As a parent, you might be looking forward to the almost never-ending holiday to come to an end, but are concerned about what challenges might wait around the corner.

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Identifying Legitimate Reading and Learning Help – Four Quick Tips

Edublox specialised reading, maths and learning services share four important tips on finding reading and learning support for a child to help parents get ahead of the 2022 school year.

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Webinaar: Om Kinders te Leer Lees IS Vuurpylwetenskap

Die Afrikaanse Grondslagfasevereniging het, in samewerking met Edublox, op Donderdag, 23 April 2020 'n webinaar aangebied vir grondslagfase juffrouens. Die onderwerp was die leerbeginsels wat leer lees onderlê, en 'n leesprogram is voorgestel wat nie net op van hierdie beginsels gebaseer is nie, maar ook belyn is met die KABV (CAPS) se vereistes.

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Video: My bog Spot

A poem to inspire parents and children who are dealing with learning difficulties ― never give up hope.

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