Edublox Launches Specialised Online Services and Looks to the Future

Edublox is launching a new online offering to bring reading and learning help to learners remotely during the lockdown level-four period – and beyond.

Edublox is a leading provider of specialised educational interventions comprising cognitive training, reading, spelling, comprehension, and maths. As a second-generation family business that has been a role player in the reading intervention space for more than 35 years, Edublox is no stranger to re-invention and re-imagination of the business model to adapt to a dynamic educational landscape. The franchise model, which was implemented in 2010, saw the footprint of Edublox expand to more than 45 branches across Southern Africa over the last decade. But the COVID-19 pandemic brought about disruption – and the need to adapt to a new reality.

“Over the last two months, Edublox has been focusing on delivering an uninterrupted interim service to our existing clients who came in to our brick and mortar branches on a weekly basis,” says Henk du Plessis, Chief Executive Officer of Edublox. “As the pandemic escalated, we realised that catch-up classes promised to clients at an uncertain future date was not going to keep learners from regressing in terms of their reading, and would hamper the progress so many of them have made academically since joining the Edublox programme. We then focused on developing quality video content for our cognitive development and language classes and also produced curriculum-based videos for our EASY Bridging programme that has been received well by our clients,” he adds.

With no end in sight to the restrictions still posed in lockdown level four, the Edublox team set to work to expand the interim offering to a fully-fledged online service to serve as an equivalent to the Edublox classes. “This new service will mean that clients and learners get access to group classes with live tutors through their closest branch instead of personally working through video content with their children,” explains Susan du Plessis, Head of Educational Programmes at Edublox. “This is an incredibly exciting development and we plan to keep it running seamlessly in conjunction with our physical class attendance once the lockdown level allows so that we can help many more learners thrive academically despite the difficult circumstances.”

Interested parents can contact their local offices for more information.

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May 7, 2020

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