Optimising the Potential of Learners in Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Programmes

Feedback.3185717_stdThe road of learning has become a superhighway, lets stop using oxwagons for the journey.

Do you use the computer on your desk to the best of its potential?

Whether you have a 5-year-old paraffin model or the latest technology hardware and software on the desk in front of you, if you are anything like me, then you are probably only using less than 10% of its capability.

The reason could be:

  • Don’t need to
  • Don’t know how to
  • Think you don’t have the time to learn how to
  • Second best results are good enough
  • They change so fast you don’t want to get attached to them
  • Could once upon a time – but if you don’t use it, you lose it
  • No-practice makes no-perfect
  • The interface to input (i.e. keyboard, scanner) and outputs (i.e. printer, auxiliary ports) are not understood or optimised.

Can you see any parallel to the human brain, learning skills and learning process? When you mix you metaphors anything is possible.

A wise man once said “Giving up a bad habit or acquiring a good habit is easy – just do what needs to be done or don’t do what needs to be undone diligently for 3 weeks – after that it is easy as it becomes part of you.”

I believe that Audiblox is a tool that can help you to get to know your own learning machine, optimise your learning skills and processes and give you the discipline to practise sound learning principles.

I have seen the results of diverse people using Audiblox and have been impressed with how this has helped them to accelerate their own personal training and development with better impact and results.

My opinion is that, through correct exposure and practise, skills acquired via Audiblox process gives any person the edge in the learning race.

Kindly take this as a development tip from someone passionate about learning.

Len Turner 
Senior Advisor (Education, Training and Development)
Transmission Group

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Len Turner Senior Advisor, Eskom

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