From Book-Shy to Master Reader

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the change I’ve seen in my son, Amaan, since he joined Edublox.

We first identified Amaan’s need for assistance with his reading when his grade 2 schoolteacher called us in to address her concerns. We immediately signed him up for a programme elsewhere. He attended that programme for just over a year, but during that time, there was little to no progress, which was very frustrating for us and more especially, for Amaan.

That’s where Edublox comes in. We signed him up at the beginning of lockdown, and due to the situation Amaan had to do his assessment and classes online. Within three months, we started noticing remarkable improvement. His reading ability increased tremendously. And apart from the reading, his spelling and comprehension have also improved. We are very pleased that Amaan is also now willing to read more readily than he did before.

Our frustration turned to relief witnessing our boy blossom from a book-shy individual to a master reader in just 7 months — from achieving 2 in reading, to now a 6 on his school report card. Amaan is thrilled with his progress and nothing can describe the joy we feel as parents, seeing the pride in his expression, knowing he accomplished something that not so long ago felt impossible.

These changes would not have been possible without Edublox’s intervention. I am truly thankful for what they have done to help my son. All the teachers are very patient and understand the children’s needs as individuals instead of a collective. They are friendly, helpful and constantly keep us informed on our son’s progress.

I wish I knew about Edublox from the very beginning and now that I do, I look forward to continuing with them not only for Amaan’s reading, but also incorporating the Maths programme.

Laa’iqah Domingo

Amaan’s reading improved from 2 to 6, and Maths from 4 to 7! 

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Laa’iqah Domingo Amaan's Mother

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