Cassel’s Average Improves by 33%; His Mood Changes from Grumpy to Happy

  • Cassel struggled with his school work, writing neatly and completing his work.
  • His report’s average improved from 47% in Term 1 to 80% in Term 3.
  • “Wow, what an amazing difference! His attitude towards me as his teacher and towards school in general completely changed for the good,” remarked his teacher.

Cassel’s mom tells his story:

Cassel Selane is my third-born son. He did not attend pre-school due to Covid-19 and changed schools for Grade 1. Initially, he used to come home complaining about his teacher. Cassel struggled with his school work, writing neatly and completing his work, which made him not enjoy school.

After the first term, when we collected his report, the teacher invited me to a performance feedback meeting. During the meeting, she expressed concerns about his classroom moods and behaviour. The meeting yielded positive results for my son, as the teacher recommended setting up an appointment with Edublox. Cassel began attending Edublox, which helped boost his confidence in the classroom.

The moody and grumpy boy is now a happy boy. He can now read, write, colour, and comprehend. Below, you’ll find a testimonial from his teacher. He enjoys going to school and aims to achieve the best. Edublox changed my son’s performance. He is who is now a happy child and performing well.


Cassel’s average on his report improved from 47% to 80%.


Certificate for best progress.


Letter from Cassel’s school teacher.


Lebogang Selane
Nov 2023




*Cassel attended Edublox Polokwane

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Lebogang Selane Cassel's Mother

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