Dimpho is Back to Her Confident Self

Dimpho is a bubbly, active, happy child with a good heart who gets along well with everyone. She loves dancing, singing, music, hockey and playing soccer.

Dimpho loved her previous school. However, she really started struggling with reading and comprehension to the point where her overall confidence was affected. Because of that, we decided that she should repeat grade 3 and enrolled her for extra classes and other interventions at a psychologist and physiotherapist. It was a very frustrating period for her and for us. We had several meetings with teachers, the psychologist and the physiotherapist trying to help her, but all efforts were in vain. Her grades were not improving.

Eventually, we decided to move her to another school because she was not coping and was frustrated by the whole arrangement of seeing a psychologist and physiologist every week. My mother told us about the fantastic work that Edublox does with struggling learners, and we then decided to enrol her and her brother, Tshepo Jr, who was also struggling, in the EASY program.

Edublox laid an exceptionally good foundation for Dimpho by providing a supportive learning environment for her and by addressing her learning needs. Dimpho started to show considerable improvement within 3 months after enrolling because of positive feedback and the learning culture. The teaching techniques made it easy for us to support Dimpho during the lockdowns in 2020 and beyond.

Dimpho can now read with comprehension, and her love for reading has really improved. She even does homework by herself. Her grades have improved, she is happy, and her confidence is back. She has done very well in the third term of the academic year, and we are looking forward to good grades for term four.

Dephney Makofane
October 2022

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Dephney Makofane Dimpho's Mom

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