From Hating Reading to Loving Reading

We enrolled Lilane at Edublox in December 2016 (at the end of Grade 4) because we were concerned about her reading and spelling skills, in both Afrikaans and English. Lilane is an intelligent child and is excelling in Maths, but we were worried that her ability to perform in the so-called ‘learning’ subjects might be impacted by her reading skills. She also made silly mistakes such as misspelling words when copying them down from the board or a text book.

Anouska explained that Lilane’s eye span was very short and that was causing her to read sentences word-for-word instead of scanning over them. The exercises that Lilane has since been doing at Edublox have made a significant improvement to her reading abilities. Even though she still struggles with some of the bigger words, she is now able to read fluently.

It is amazing that, whereas Lilane did not like reading two years ago, she now loves it. She easily keeps up with the 400 pages per quarter book reading challenge at school. She went from hating reading to loving reading, even begging for books to be taken out more frequently from the library. The benefit on her self-esteem is highly noticeable.

Her Afrikaans marks have improved from 71% (Term 3, Grade 4) to 78% (Term 3, Grade 6).

Since Lilane’s home language is Afrikaans, she initially only attended the Afrikaans Edublox classes, but has since moved to attending the English classes.

Her English marks have improved from 53% (Term 3, Grade 4) to 68% (Term 3, Grade 6). We are so proud of her!

Lilane is currently attending the Studiblox classes to further assist her with improving her studying skills. Her improved reading skills are assisting her with her other subjects, but she can improve on her technique.

Michele Ungerer

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