Learner’s Overall Average Improves By 29%

  • “Thank you, Edublox, for giving my child the help she needed,” says Shanell’s mother.
  • Shanell struggled with reading, maths, and languages.
  • From Term 1 to Term 3, her Mathematics mark increased by 57%.
  • Her overall average improved by 29%.

Shanell’s mom tells her story:

Shanell is a very shy, humble, and down-to-earth child. She started her studies at Edublox in 2021 after attending two schools and showing no improvement. She couldn’t copy what she saw, read aloud, or speak any other language.

The problem was noticed at her previous school, and I was advised to enrol her at Edublox. The school said that, after improving, she might be able to go back. Shanell would cry and say, “I really want to study, but I can’t because I can’t read or speak.”

It caused me pain because I really want to see her succeed, so I enrolled her at Edublox.

I have seen a lot of changes in Shanell since she started at Edublox*. She can count, read, and speak other languages confidently. She engages well when I help her with homework. She can copy words with understanding and solve sums alone. Also, she remembers her schoolwork well.

Thank you, Edublox, for giving my child the help she needed. To other parents with children struggling with memory, spelling, and grammar  – please do not hesitate to go to Edublox.

Thandi Mabaso




*Shanell attended Edublox Pretoria North

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Thandi Mabaso Shanell's Mother

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