Lebogang Now Happy and Eager to Learn

Good day Monique,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Edublox for your assistance and patience with my son Lebogang. Lebo is in grade 4 and it was a battle for him academically when he started this year, to a point where I was called to his school and told that he’s battling with almost all his subjects. This was depressing news for me as a mother and I felt helpless.

I decided to check schools offering extra classes on the internet, but didn’t find exactly what I was  looking for — until I got to Edublox site. I read everything about it and even checked parents’ reviews. I visited the Edublox site almost every day and I knew this is what I was looking for. I remember calling you and you booked Lebo for an assessment. He started his classes in March and I must say, he’s marks have improved a lot. Please see below Term 1 to 3 report. I can’t wait for his final (Term 4) results.

I would recommend Edublox to all parents with kids struggling academically. It might seem impossible to have that happy and eager-to-learn child, but with Edublox it’s possible. Thank you again Edublox for your assistance — much appreciated.

Lydia Mamokete Pule

Excellent improvement, Lebo! 

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Lydia Mamokete Pule Lebo's mother

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