Marks Improved Drastically in Maths and English

Thorisho had emotional problems deriving from family problems and me as her Mom being sick for a very long time. She was struggling with reading, lack of concentration and was not able to memorise things, which had a very negative impact on her performance in all her subjects. As a result she lost confidence, which really affected all of us.

Thorisho went for an Edublox assessment at the beginning of June 2019 and started with Edublox at the end of June. During her first month of attendance she started showing some improvement in her reading, as she could now read better. She started buying more books, and also developed confidence in the classroom. She could participate in class and ask questions when she did not understand. Above all, she also participated in debating and other extra-mural activities such as miming, where she obtained a distinction. Her marks started to improve drastically in the 3rd quarter in Maths and English, where she was struggling the most. Edublox assisted in improving her memory and reading, she can study independently and her confidence has been boosted. Thank you Edublox!

Thorisho will still need assistance with Maths; though she has improved she still needs a little help. I believe that when she finishes her term at Edublox she will be shining like a star. Thank you so much, Edublox!

Dimakatso Mmbodi

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Dimakatso Mmbodi Thorisho's mother

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