My Son Has Found Himself Again

Lwandle had issues with reading and his confidence whilst reading. He had a low-grade reading level and did not want to learn as he felt he could not get it right. I knew we had to get to the bottom of the problem while he was in a lower grade so that he can catch up as soon as possible. I turned to google to look for reading centres around Polokwane. We also took him to a clinical psychologist who was recommended by his school. The psychologist did an assessment and referred us to Edublox.

His confidence while reading, his willingness to learn and even in his schoolwork has seen an improvement. Lwandle’s teachers started mentioning seeing a huge jump in improvement from him. Even his reading speed picked up, all this in a year. There is still some work to be done to get him to his grade reading level, but he has done very well, and his confidence is making it easier to learn and want to study for his exams.

Edublox has given my son an opportunity to find himself, regain his self-confidence. In a child, that is priceless. Edublox goes the extra mile to help these kids find themselves and recognise their potential. Any child having difficulties with his schoolwork has a great chance of fully making it through Edublox. A child believing in their potential has a chance of excelling without strain.


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Thandeka Masehela Mother

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