Oratile is Enjoying School and is Confident Again

Oratile was born prematurely when I was eight months pregnant. She was born because of complications, which caused Oratile to stay in the hospital for eight weeks.

Oratile did everything fast like any other child. She was able to sit properly at four months, and then started crawling at six months… then started to walk with support at eight months. By ten months old, she was running — she was a healthy, happy baby.

She went to crèche and then started her grade R at 6 years old. While Oratile was in Grade R, she started to have difficulties with concentration, but the teacher assumed that she was still young from crèche so this should not be a worry. She went to Grade 1 at the same school, but the problem started to grow bigger. She was making careless mistakes, she was unable to concentrate at all, the workload was getting too much for her, and also she was talking alone at times. The Grade 1 teacher was very concerned that she couldn’t even stand still at all and she was distracted easily by everything she saw around her.

The teacher explained that her concentration was very poor. We then acted immediately as parents when the school suggested she see a speech therapist, occupational therapist and educational psychologist. She started then and she looked like she was getting better and she was getting the hang of things.

She passed and then went to Grade 2… then there everything fell apart.

Oratile could not concentrate at all, she was behind with schoolwork. We worked until late (around 00:00 am), myself and her trying to get her to concentrate and do homework. School was a nightmare to her. She did not enjoy anything, she cried a lot of the time, asking me: “Mommy what is wrong? I don’t understand this!” When you asked her to read, she was crying and not understanding why she should punish herself like that. She lost confidence.

The educational psychologist saw that Oratile’s needs are not met at a mainstream school and she said Oratile needs remedial intervention since she had severe concentration problems. She needed a programme that would cater for her needs and give attention to the foundation to be built properly, since the pace of mainstream is too fast for her. She needed a small class where she would receive the attention required to help her.

The occupational therapist was adamant that if Oratile kept at her sessions, she would be able to reverse everything. She explained that in the meantime, the child would be frustrated and not enjoy school. We started looking for space for Oratile at a number of schools where we took her for assessments, but the feedback was either that her IQ level is too low, while others said that her IQ level is too high to meet their admission requirements. Oratile was in the middle — she needed a safe space that could cater for her needs specifically.

Mareli, the previous owner of Edublox Pretoria North, was going to different schools to present how Edublox works and how they are helping the kids. Luckily she went to Oratile’s school and I was called by the principal. She gave me Mareli’s details.

I went home and spoke to daddy, then I contacted Mareli. She explained to me how they work at Edublox and she asked if she can assess Oratile. I took Oratile there for assessment.

After the assessment, she explained that the educational psychologist report that I gave her explained the same things. She could see that Oratile just needed a programme where she would be catered to. When she said that she could take Oratile in, I was thrilled. Oratile started at Edublox immediately after the Easter holidays in 2017.

Oratile’s journey at Edublox has been a joy to us. She started to show interest in books she started to read and you could see that she was starting to enjoy school again. The educational psychologist said we should keep Oratile for only two years at the Edublox EASY programme, but I decided to keep her for longer for the foundation to be built properly and strong without rushing her developments.

Currently Oratile’s progress is wonderful — she is doing great, she can concentrate on her schoolwork, she comes from obtaining 23% to 90%, and she is doing astoundingly well.

What makes me happiest is that Oratile can read a story, understand it and answer the questions. That tells me that her concentration is fine and that she is enjoying school and is confident again. Edublox channeled her mind to know that it is time for studying. She studies alone, she can concentrate without being distracted, and she comes to me only when she needs helps with difficult task. I am a mother who is very happy for taking my daughter to Edublox when there was still time for her to build a solid foundation.

She is confident, she is a strong girl with a strong personality. She is doing great in content subjects (even maths), while she was struggling with maths but currently she even gets 75%. Her strongest subjects are History, Afrikaans and Natural Science.

I am excited and I would like to thank all the Edublox tutors that made an impact on Oratile’s progress since she joined Edublox in 2017 in the middle of the year till today in 2021.

Oratile has overcome a lot and observing her last year (2020) when the pandemic started, being scared as a parent, I was amazed when she was able to have one-on-ones with her teachers via video calls and understanding what is it that she needed to do.

Edublox has done marvelous in 2020 during lockdown, I tell you — Oratile was working on a daily basis and all her tutors were there to ensure that she gets all the supports she needs be it via voice calls, video calls and voice notes. I applaud Edublox for work done wonderfully on my daughter and I say thank you.

Happy proud mother,

Mapule Msiza

A report card with comments from a teacher from before Edublox

Today Oratile is more used to this kind of feedback…

Oratile is awarded with best performance certificates in Afrikaans & History at Edublox Pretoria North 

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Mapule Msiza Oratile's Mother

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