Review by Dr. B. H. du Toit, Psychologist, University of Pretoria

UPA large number of students are at present experiencing problems with learning. These are evidenced, for example, in a short attention span, in reading and spelling problems, in difficulties with math, in restlessness, etc.

On the causes of such problems there will probably never be complete agreement, but of far greater importance is the question: what can one do to help such students?

Over the past six years I have had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Jan Strydom’s Audiblox program. I have referred many students so that they might follow the program, both in individual and group situations. Without exception I was impressed by the positive results that were achieved. A factor that, in my opinion, enhances the value of the program is the fact that such positive results could be noticed in all age groups — toddlers, children, young university students and adults.

The benefits of the program also extend beyond its use merely for the solution of specific learning problems. Also to persons who wish to improve their cognitive abilities — even when no specific learning problem is present — the program has shown its undeniable value.

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Dr. B. H. du Toit Psychologist, University of Pretoria

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