Sakhe Looks Forward to Going to School Every Day

Sakhe is a very kind, loving, sacrificial and polite child. These attributes of him draw you in and makes it almost impossible to not love and be fond of him. He has a good relationship with his siblings, friends and extended family. But even so, has struggled immensely emotionally over the course of his childhood. Because of losing his grandfather, a father that isn’t present, and being misunderstood for having a brain that is created differently from his siblings, Sakhe has been a child with extremely low self-confidence.

Sakhe had severe reading and spelling difficulties. He found it very difficult to recognise words and sounds. He took time to read words that an average Grade 4 learner should know and was identified to be at a grade 1 first term level. His academic difficulties naturally affected his emotional state.

He struggled tremendously to work under pressure, especially in timed activities that require speed and accuracy. He would get angry, throw tantrums and cry uncontrollably. This was an alert that something was wrong, and he needed intervention. We took him to see a psychologist who suggested that he goes somewhere that supports his specific needs. Edublox was the most suitable and best option.

Overall, since Edublox, Sakhe has had a huge improvement with his emotional state and his love for school has grown tremendously. He looks forward to going to school every day! He even wakes up earlier than everyone to prepare himself for the day ahead. Sakhe is now able to read words and identify phonics that he was not able to read and sound.

His confidence has developed to an extent where he is even willing to work with his brother on mathematical problems. He has learnt to express himself and communicate when things are not going his way. He works well with affirmations that are used now and then to ensure that he does not give up. He takes initiative with his homework, and we no longer have to remind him.

He has found a home and family with Edublox Durbanville. As his aunt, I am eternally grateful.

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Nosiphumezo Nxoko Sakhe's Aunt

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